Pierre Hotel – Walkthrough


Click on the door to your right. get out of the hotel. Click on the car, you’ll get a diving equipment and a hotel reservation.
Go back inside the hotel. Use the hotel reservation on the vampire, he will give you a key to your room in return.
Click on the statue on the back to move to the other section of the lobby. Go left.
Ask for a glowing cocktail and a beer from the bartender. return to the lobby and go upstairs.
Use the key on room #1. use the phone to dial the number on the beer coaster.
Head back to the bar. Now the bartender is busy talking to himself, so you can step inside the kitchen.
Take the key and the knife off the wall. Click on the big pot on your right, you will get spam and chili paste.
Go back upstairs and use the key on the janitor room. Take the broom and the bucket.
Go back to room #1. Use the knife on the pumpkin.
Go back to the kitchen. Use the bucket on the drain to fill it with water. Use the water on the fireplace near the elevator.
Climb the ladder in the fireplace. In the dark room, use the glowing cocktail on the ledge to your right.
Click on the keypad on your left. Enter the code you found inside the pumpkin.
Go back down and use the elevator. Go left.
Use the diving equipment on the door to your left. Leave the pool and go right.
Use the quarter you found on the arcade machine. Solve the puzzle and head back to the lobby.
Use the cross on the vampire. Use the broom on the red button on the ceiling.
Mix the spam with the chili paste and use it on the evil dog.

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