Saucy Devil Gordon – Walkthrough

Pick up the Bottle on the right, note the recipe. Pick up the Rock near you. Go left.

Go to the cliff with the tree.
Use the Rock on the Coconut. Go right to leave.
Go to the Mines (danger sign).
Pick up the Scissors and the Hammer. Go left to leave.
Go to the Village (tiki).
Use the Scissors on the Pineapple to get it. Enter the house on the left. Take the glass on the counter. Use the Hammer on the Coconut to get Coconut Water. Talk to the bartender. Use the Rum on the blender. Use the Pineapple on the blender. Use the Coconut Water on the blender to get. The bartender will give you an incense. Leave the Bar. Enter the house on the right. Talk to the guy there. Give the Incense to him. Look inside the lost and found box to get Glasses. Leave the Village.
Go back to the Mines.
Use the Glasses on the rope. Enter the mine. Pick up Shovel and the Piece on the left. Use both Pieces on each other to get a whole single Coin. Leave the Mines.
Go to the Graveyard.
Use the Coin on the hole in the tomb behind you. Use the Shovel on the ground where the sun hits.
You’re done!

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

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