Hi everybody!
We planned to release Dakota’s Adventures today, but for reasons beyond our control the game will be release in a few days.
In the meantime we’re working on Back in Time 2 and the new Vortex Point which will be our most polished game so far.
Here is the logo of the new and improved Vortex Point series:

Vortex Point new logo

We’ve noticed many of you are asking to get a character named after them in our games.
We can use your names for a small part character, or small stickers and minor signs in the game.
The main character’s name and the bigger signs are reserved for those who have donated us or helped us by translating the game to other languages.
All of you are welcome to write your names in the comments and we will use this list to name our characters in the future.

We’ve released 14 games during 2013 and we hope we could bring you a lot more great games in 2014.

Happy new year to all of you!

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

More games…

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