Tickets 4Love – Walkthrough

Tickets 4Love Walkthrough

by Gameseeker

Bar scene Part one: Walk up to girls at the table. Receive your first objective: “Must hear what they are saying.” Exit. Click on the map, ignore the beggar for now. Go home (Click on My Place). Grab the grammy on the desk and return to the bar.

Bar scene Part two: Select Grammy and then click on girls Watch cut scene and weird Bollywood singer to get second objective “Must get those concert tickets.” Speak to bartender again to find out you don’t have any money. Exit and click on the map again. Go to Roy’s Burger Hut

Burger joint Part one: Click on Roy and ask him about business. He needs a new burger recipe. Exit and Go to Mother Earth shop

Hippie Shop Scene: Speak to Mother Earth. Pick up boomerang. play the flute in the front of the shop and take the paper that falls out. Exit and go back to burger joint. Give the paper to Roy and talk to him. he will give you membership card.

Go to Pacific Wharf: Collect knife from shark’s mouth. go inside shop. Click on the camera. speak to the captain. He’s waiting for a delivery.

Outside of Bar: Select membership card and knock on side door. Speak to Boris the Bodybuilder. Find out the helmet is stolen. Click on one of the boxes and ask if you can get one and go back to the wharf. Give the box to the captain. Use knife to cut the wire on the floor and take the helmet back to the bar.

Speak to the beggar to outside the bar and receive your next objective: “I need a Beeeeer”

Go to the Mini Mart. Ignore the shop keeper. collect the lotto ticket under the arcade.

Give the lotto ticket to the bartender and get a beer. Give the beer to the beggar and get the cane/walking stick. Go to Nick’s Place.

Speak to the cop. click on the alley and use the cane on the fire escape.

Lift the carpet and grab the tickets.

Return to the bar one last time and show the tickets to the girls.

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