Vortex Point 2 – Walkthrough

Vortex Point Walkthrough

Open the top left drawer on your left and take the magnifying glass. Leave the office and head to the Crime Scene.
Talk to the police officer. Enter the Ally and take the wooden board with you. Click on the trash can. The homeless will give you a photo.
Enter the pub. Ask the bartender for beer three times. After the bartender leaves take the ax. Head to Main St.
Enter the studio on the left. Give the photo the homeless gave you to the studio owner. Take the can of beans.
Go outside and enter the shop on your right. Use the wooden board on the water tank. Pick up the saw from the table. Use the saw on the can of beans in your inventory.
Head back to the Ally and give the open can of beans to the bum. Head back to the Office and talk to Caroline.
Go to the museum. Give all three beers to the security guard. Enter the museum.
Use the magnifying glass on the upper left photo. Head back to the Office and talk to Caroline again. Go to Marshall square.
Knock on Hailee’s door. Go inside and pick up the hairpin from the floor. Go outside and use the ax on the gate.
Use the hairpin on the locked booth of Koko.

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

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