Vortex Point – Walkthrough

You start at the Headquarters office. Leave the Office the go to the Pizzeria.
Talk to the pizza seller. Search the bin. Leave the Pizzeria and go to the Pharmacy.
Give the prescription to the pharmacist. Take the pink note on the right.
Leave the Pharmacy and go to Dr. McGinnis’s House.
Take the golden key on the right. Talk to Dr. McGinnis. note the 4 digits code in the video.
Leave Dr. McGinnis’s House and go to Thomas Marshall’s House.
Talk to Thomas. Leave Thomas Marshall’s House and go to Vortex Point Music School. Take the white note on the right. Leave Vortex Point Music School and go back to the Office.
Caroline will ask for a pizza. Give her the pizza, she will give you a slice. Talk to Caroline again, she will call Thomas and distract him so you can sniff around his house.
Go to Thomas Marshall’s House. Examine the pink note, you will see a row of notes on the top. Examine the white note, you will see where is each note on the piano. Click on the piano in the house, click on the right keys as they appear in the notes (left to right).

vortex point walkthrough

A ladder will fall down, click the yellow arrow on the top to go up to the Attic. Use the mirror piece you got from the Pizzeria bin on the laser, it will be blocked. Open the safe. Take the key and the envelope, notice the code.
Go back to Dr. McGinnis’s House. Use the medicine you got at the Pharmacy on the pizza slice. Give the intoxicated slice to the psychiatrist, he will fall asleep.
Use the golden key on the closet door on the left.
Click on the big box to move it. Click on the safe. Enter the code that appeared on the security camera’s video (9570). Take the key and the note. Leave and go to 2956 Vineyard Drive.
Click on the mail box. Take the magnet on the floor. Leave and go to C. Razy Mental Hospital.
Use the magnet on the paperweight that holds down the papers, the papers will fly away. Talk to the security guard, he will ask for your ID to let you in. Go back to the Office.
Go right to the other part of the office.
Talk to Craig, he will give you a fake ID. Leave and go back to C. Razy Mental Hospital.
Show the ID on the security guard, he will open the gate. Go inside the hospital. Talk to the nurse, she won’t let you in.
Leave and go back to the Office, go to the right side of the office, Craig will give you a crowbar. Leave and go back to 2956 Vineyard Drive.
Use the crowbar on the blocked door, it will now be opened. Go inside the house, open the fridge and the upper cabinet, you will find evidence incriminating Gary. Leave and go back to the the inside of the hospital.
Use both keys on the control panel on the right, the door to Wing C will be opened. Go inside Wing C.
Click on the control panel near the room 1’s door. Enter the code that appears in the envelope you took from the safe at Thomas Marshall’s House’s attic.

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