What’s your favorite adventure game?

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This week we want to hear about your favorite adventure games, so scroll down and share your thoughts with us.
Here is some of our favorite classic adventure games:

Sam&Max hit the road

Probably one of the best adventure games out there.
Sam is a tough dog and Max is a crazy rabbit, together they are the freelance police.
In this game they need to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of Bruno, a frozen bigfoot and a star attraction at the Kushman Brothers carnival. The game is filled with humor, funny animations and beautiful graphics.


After touching a special book you are whisked away to Myst’s island.
There, you’ll find riddles and clues which will help you reveal the backstory of the game.
You are provided with very little backstory at the beginning of the game, and no obvious goal is laid out. This means you must simply begin to explore.
Along with the game’s amazing soundtrack, I think Myst gives a true adventure hunt feeling.

Goblins 3

You’ll be playing Blount, the Goblin News journalist who is out for a scoop. You need to achieve an interview with the leaders of two opposing goblin factions, both of which are trying to find a way through the Foliander Maze.
Legend has it that the heart of the maze contains the fabulous jewel of the world and with it, one side could crush the other.
Goblins Quest 3

The Legend of Kyrandia

The game takes place at the fantasy land of Kyrandia, where you play as Brandon, a young man who needs to save Kyrandia from the evil court jester Malcolm.
Malcolm has stolen the Kyragem, a mystic stone that contains the kingdom’s energy. Brandon has to recover the Kyragem and defeat Malcolm before he’ll destroy Kyrandia.
The Legend of Kyrandia

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Murder Mall

The Birdcage

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