Who wants to go to the carnival?

Hi everybody!
We hope you are all having fun this weekend, we have a few updates for you regarding our upcoming games.
Into the Wild 2 will be released in a few days, and we already planned what will be coming next as you can see below:

work plan

The three escape games are going to be relatively short, that is to allow us to give both VP6 and D&K the proper attention they deserve. Both of them are going to be longer than usual games, and we hope you’ll all enjoy them.
You can already see some of the new Vortex Point sketches. This time the game will take place in a mysterious carnival, located near the Vortex Point swamps.

Vortex Point 6 sketch

Vortex Point 6 sketch

And as you can see, at the bottom of our work plan you can find The Baron. During September we are planning to work on this game, after mostly just talking about it for over a year 🙂

One more thing, some of you may have noticed a new feature in our most recent game’s (Smells Like Art) settings, this feature will appear in all of our games from now on. The volume of the characters’ voices can now be controlled gradually instead of just on/off, this will allow you to balance the volume, which relatively to the music is sometimes too loud or too quiet. In the future we also intend to add balancing options to the music and the sound effects.


So stay tuned, great games are coming your way soon!

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

More games…

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