You Choose!

So we’ve got two ideas for what would be our last Flash game ever, and we want you guys to vote on the idea you like the most.
Both games are gonna be funny.

Option 1: The Cult

Hero: Jason, 25 years old, a detective.
Time: The present.
Synopsis: Someone has stolen the elixir of life from the oddities museum. Most chances are it was stolen by a mysterious cult worshiping a giant pistachio.
Goal: Get the elixir back.
Other things: Weird locations, e.g a giant slushy machine which broke down, turning a mountain into a slush-ski resort.

Option 2: The Movie

Hero: Jason, 16 years old, a student.
Time: Last day of summer break.
Synopsis: A new horror movie is playing at the local theater. Jason wants to buy a ticket, but the movie is age restricted 17+.
If Jason gets his ticket, not only he will enjoy the movie, but he will also impress Brooke, the school princess.
Goal: Get a movie ticket.
Other things: Insane neighbor as arch nemesis. Typical real life locations: movie theater, burger joint, cemetery etc.

So, let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

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