What’s Up Internet?

Hi everybody!
Guess you’ve been wondering where we are.
The short answer is: CG is still here!
But during the last few months I’ve been dealing with a psychotic neighbour, who’s trying to turn my life into a living horror movie.
Those of you who know me remember how much I enjoy horror movies, but this one is a bit too much.

Wait… there is some good news!
Our word game app (Word is Right is now available for beta testing (for those of you who own an Android).
You can download HERE, rate it and leave good feedback, which will signal Google’s editorial team what our game is worth and encourage its promotion, thus making it more successful.

I was (and still am) unable to write our (to be) last Flash game, come up with the ideas, being creative and answering emails & comments.
On the bright side, the psychotic neighbour will be gone (hopefully forever) by the end of next month.
So right now I’m counting the days, thank you for your understanding.

Word Is Right

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