Q: The game is not loading!

A: First thing please make sure you have the latest Flash player, you can download it *HERE*.
Secondly, we recommend on using Google Chrome to view our games, please try using it in case it doesn’t work on your browser.
If this doesn’t help and the game was published with more than one link, please try playing the game on one of the other links.

Q: When will you release a new game?

A: We plan to release two-three game each month. Though we have a work schedule we can’t always predict the date of releasing a new game because the time it takes depends also on 3rd parties such as translators, voice actors, etc.

Q: When will you release the translated version of a certain game?

A: Translated versions of the games take longer to create because they are not just up to us but are also depended on third party translators which take different periods of time creating the translations. Translated versions of games are usually released 2-4 weeks after the game’s initial release.

Q: Can’t you make your games longer?

A: Creating long games takes long time. Since we have to publish at least two games a month we can’t always afford the development of a long game. We will try to develop longer-than-usual games once every few months.

Q: Can’t you make your games harder?

A: Yes we can. But first of all harder games are also inherently longer, which is a problem, as already explained. In addition we want to keep things between easy and medium difficulty, because we believe most of you will not sit for 40 minutes in front of the screen trying to solve a game. Also, we don’t think most of you will sit with a pen and paper to write clues like people used to do back in the nineties. One last comment on this topic, every now and then we get comments on most of our games from people saying they’re too hard, meaning if we’ll make games even harder some of our players won’t be able to solve them, this is a two-edged sword.

Q: I did not like a certain game of yours!

A: We’re sorry to hear that you didn’t like some game very much. We do all kind of different designs, lengths and styles of games, and it’s hard to satisfy everyone all the time. We hope that you will enjoy our future games more 🙂

Q: I am completely stuck in one of your games! What should I do?!

A: You can find walkthroughs to all our games (except the really old ones) at our YouTube channel

Q: I have an idea for a game!

A: That wasn’t a question, but anyway – you are more than welcome to send it to us. Please try to write in as much details as you can: To which places the main character can go, with which items the player can interact, etc. You can use the contact form to send us emails regarding anything you have in mind.

Q: Can you put my name in a game?

A: We can use your names for a small part character, small stickers or small signs in the game.
The main character’s name and the bigger signs/posters are reserved for those who have donated us or helped us by translating the game to other languages.
Go now to Carmelo’s Name Wizard and submit your name.

Q: I want to translate one (or more) of your games to another language!

A: Great, please send us your email using the contact form and we will be in touch.

Q: What is your next game about?

A: We have a constantly renewing pile of papers, filled with drawings and ideas that we need to process. You can follow our blog to see what we are up to at any given moment.

Q: My I create a YouTube video which uses your game?

A: You are allowed to create any video you like, including let’s play or anything else you have in mind. Our one condition is a link for the game in your video’s description (i.e

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