08/12/14 – Our Christmas game is almost here!

Hi everybody!
We are working around the clock to make our Christmas game ready on time!
Just like last year, we’ve put a lot of attention to all the small details:
We changed the place of the game’s dialog boxes, that way the text won’t hide the characters faces. We also made the text bigger so it will be more readable.


And while we are working on our Christmas game, we’re also working on our new website.
We decided to give the Disqus comments system a try. It will enable you to log in from your Facebook account (or other accounts), rate comments, view comments by rating or chronological order and upload photos.


9/12/14 – Update!

A viral version (with translations for several languages) of Maplewood Junior High is now available on Kongregate and Newgrounds.
Please be kind and give us five stars, it helps us a lot.


And now we’d better get back to work, Christmas is almost upon us!

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

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