16/07/14 – Working on Sherlock

Hi everybody!
So finally(!) we’ve released the long awaited “Skip Around the world”. We are happy to hear most of you have enjoyed it. We will fix a few minor things in the game to make it more clear for those who didn’t understand the puzzle pieces riddle (we can assure you after intensive testings that there are NO bugs).

We will also add translations to other languages (German, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew and maybe French).
So far skip has been invited to visit Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Latvia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Slovakia, Philippines, Fiji, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Taiwan and a few more places.
Those are all very tempting offers, each country has a lot to offer and we can easily picture in our heads how to make a funny game in each and everyone of those countries, but unfortunately the developing time of Skip’s games take too much time, so for the time being, Skip will be staying at Helsinki airport 🙂

We will most likely decide on Skip’s next destination by a raffle.
We hope that answers all of your questions at the comments on the game’s post.

And now we are 100% on Sherlock Holmes. We are doing our best to bring it to you ASAP.

sherlock holmes

Last night was the first time we tried Carmelo’s Army. We have noticed not all of you saw our email, so if you are using Gmail you might find it in the Promotion tab. Other mail services might even sent it to the spam folder, so make sure to check there too. If you can’t find it anywhere – it most probably means you did not confirm your subscription, refer to the bottom of our latest weekly update to see how to fix that.
Overall we are pretty happy with the final result, but as you can see we still need to improve a little more 🙂


We also wanted to share with you these beautiful comics we’ev received from Kimba Chen:



Thank you Kimba! We always wanted to write a comic book in the spirit of our game and maybe one day we will 🙂

That is all for today, thank you for reading and see you next time 🙂

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

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