22/04/14 – Our first Fan Art!

We are used to receive emails with very creative and imaginative games ideas – some of them we’ve even developed – but today we received our first fan art ever, which is incredibly amazing.
This illustration was drawn by Dethkira, and you can see more of his beautiful work HERE.



So if you’re inspired by Dethkira, please send us your art too.

Vortex Point 5 script is undergoing a few changes, nevertheless we will share with you the story line of the game: This time the gang is invited to a free vacation in the renewed Grand Vortex Hotel.
The Grand Vortex Hotel has been closed for the past five decades, because some of the hotel guests claimed it was haunted (read more about it HERE).
The new owner of the hotel, who bought it recently, wants to get the gang’s approval that his renewed hotel is ghosts-free, hopefully that will attract the tourists.
But apparently the hotel isn’t as ghost-free as the new owner has hoped, and now the gang and the other guests find themselves locked inside the hotel with an unpleasant ghost who’s seeking for revenge…

Next week we’ll release the haunted house game and announce the results of the “Carmelot” poll.
That’s all folks, see you next time!

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

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