Are You Ready for Another Game?

Hi everybody!
If everything goes as planned, we’ll be releasing Midnight Spooks 2 tomorrow (if not, then a day or two after).
Midnight Spooks 2 Menu
We were very pleased to see that you’ve enjoyed Trapped 1. Trapped 2 is already under work and will be ready later on, there are also plans for Trapped 3.
Our goal is to have many “escape room” games, which are short and relatively don’t require too much thinking.

This is the place to thank our new sponsor¬† for making the publishing of Trapped possible. They have lots of interesting escape games for mobile, so while you’re waiting for our new game to release, check out KeyCube’s games.

High School Adventure is the title for our mobile game and it’s coming along nicely. We’ve managed to solve most of the technical issues we’ve encountered and we hope and pray this process will be a smooth sail from now on.

We’ll announce a new contest with cool prizes this Sunday, September 3rd, so make sure to visit us then.

That’s all for today,
have a great weekend!

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