Are you ready to play?

Hi everybody!
Yes, we’re still on a break, but we’ll release Midnight Spooks in just a couple of days!

That’s not all – Soon, (and by soon we mean 1-2 weeks) we’ll release another new game, which we hope will turn into a successful series, called Trapped. Our goal is to bring you the escape room experience at the convenience of your own home (and for free!)

Trapped is the name of a fictional company which run escape room attractions all over the Carmel universe.
In this upcoming game you’ll be getting a chance of entering Wayne’s chamber – the room of a psychotic killer. You’ll need to find framing evidence which will send the infamous killer to their punishment. It’s a one room game, so we can’t reveal any screenshots, but we’ve put many efforts in it and we hope that you will love it.

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