Guess who has a plane ticket?

Hi everybody!
This is our first post after the big release of Luke Deluxe, we hope you’ve all enjoyed it.
We read all of your comments and emails, and we will try to reply to all of you soon.
Luke Deluxe was the first time in which we were experiencing with a more-than-the-usual complicated game.
There are places we still need to improve and we hope that we will put into practice what we have learned through this experience into our next big project.

Guess who has a plane ticket

Skip has finally got himself a plane ticket for his next destination! A lot of you asked for Skip to visit your country:

Skip was invited by people from Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Ireland, Fiji, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, Pakistan, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, USA and a few more countries we might have forgotten, but Skip has made his decision! His next destination will be…

India! It’s going to be a real challenge to draw the scenery of India, but we’re pretty sure that the final outcome will be very beautiful and colorful.
[Photo by Dennis Jarvis]

Introducing Goodgame Empire

Thanks to a cooperation with Goodgame Studios, we are launching one of their web games right here on our website. This way you will be able to play while you are waiting for us to release a new game 😉
The game is called Goodgame Empire, and in it you build your own castle, create a powerful army and fight epic player versus player battles on a dynamic world map.
The game is available through our website’s top menu, under the Games category, click HERE to check it out.

Alyssa’s Quest (a.k.a. Fantasy game) will be out real soon, so make sure to visit us again in a few days.
That’s all for today, have a wonderful week!

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