Halloween game is on its way!

Yes, we are aware that Halloween is over, but we’re still sure you’ll enjoy this year’s late Halloween game.
It will be released after our yearly Christmas game.
Here are some of its sketches for your enjoyment ūüôā


Spoilers ahead!

Back to our psychic/ghost-hunter game!
We’ve decided to name the game “The Mystic Seer” and name the protagonist Matthew (The Mystic Seer was¬†a fortune-telling machine which was featured in one of the episodes of The Twilight Zone).
The game’s background story is ready, so we’ll be happy to hear your thoughts and¬†more of your advice (also feel free to suggest a different name for the game).

In each game there will be only two locations – Matthew’s apartment and another location where most of the game will take place, like an asylum, a convent, a movie theater, etc.
Matthew’s apartment (which holds the mysterious door) belongs to Gideon, Matthew’s friend.
Gideon has mysteriously disappeared, yet somehow he’s able to communicant with Matthew using an old computer.
Gideon will guide Matthew on how to fill in for him in his job while he’s away, and how to capture evil ghosts.
In each location Matthew will find one page of many which belong to Gideon’s journal. During the game¬†Matthew¬†will also start to have visions.
With time, Matthew will acquire the knowledge of dealing with ghosts and demons, and when the time is right, Matthew will eventually be able to go through the mysterious door, (!SPOILER!) which will turn out to be a gate to the afterlife.

Below you can see concept art by Jose Ramos:

Jose Ramos

No spoilers below…

Three years ago we released our first Carmel Games’ game – The Proposal!
Though we’re hardly¬†objective, we think it’s still one of our coolest games ūüôā
We’ll be celebrating our third birthday on December 1st, so make sure to mark the date in¬†your calendars¬†ūüėÄ

One more thing, our recent game:¬†“David & Keithan – The Haunted Lighthouse”¬†is currently at the 3rd place on¬†Kongregate’s weekly contest and has a chance to win $150-$250! So if you want to help us win, please vote 5 stars for the game right HERE.


That is all for today,
Have a magical weekend!

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