Happy November

Hi everybody!
Thank you all for your comments on our post last week. It really helped us a lot in the writing process of the new game series.
The vast majority of the commenters have asked to see a scary game, so a scary game you shall get!
JFNeal suggested the protagonist will work directly with the spirit world as opposed to the usual physical world, like a psychic, and we agree that’s a good idea.
Freaklikeme said that ‘Spooky music is the key to send shivers down anyone’s spine’, and that is correct, so we’ll be paying more attention to the game’s soundtrack and sound effects this time.
Tammy Jo suggested us to add a mysterious secret about the protagonist, which everyone is extremely curious to find out, so we took this great idea and decided that the mysterious secret will revolve around a simple door, which is located inside the protagonist’s apartment. The protagonist himself have no idea what’s behind it either, but he knows he must keep it closed at all times.
The game will have a different plot each time, but there will be a bigger plot with an ongoing story revolving around this door.
Here are more sketches for the game’s protagonist:



We plan to start 2016 with this new paranormal game, so there’s not much time for you to wait 🙂

In the mean time we’re also working on The Baron.
Below (and at the top of this post) you can see some of the game’s backgrounds, still waiting for their final touches.



GoodGame’s Halloween Promotion

For those of you who’ve yet to try GoodGame Empire, they’re doing a pretty cool Halloween promotion right now until the end of this month. Every new player who reaches level 6 will get a $5 value item to choose from these 3 cool options:

Dragon FountainHalloween WarriorHalloween Bowman

Carmelo’s Mug Contest

One last thing – Our mugs contest will end in two weeks from today, on November 25 (this is not final). We’ll announce the winners the day after, and we will also have another contest. Those of you who love comic books will sure want to win it 😉


Murder Mall

The Birdcage

More games…

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