Happy Thursday!

Hi everybody!
For a long time we’ve been wanting to do a game with an Egyptian theme, and now it’s finally happening.
We started working on a short escape game, featuring Katja, the famous archaeologist.

Egyptian pyramid

This is one of two short games we’re planning for the near future, that’s because we will have a long game which will be released after them.
The long game will be “David&Keithan – young detectives INC”, which we we finished writing yesterday, and though we are not objective, we must say it’s one of the best game’s plots we’ve ever written.
The game will focus on mysterious lights and noises which are coming from the inside of the old town’s abandoned lighthouse.
An old legend about a ghost which is haunting the building scares some of the locals, while others claim the lights and noises are caused by the stormy weather that hit the town.
Either way, everyone stays away from the old lighthouse. Some because they fear the ghosts, others because of the bad weather. David&Keithan are the only people who are not afraid to check out the lighthouse.

If you recall, we decided that part 24 of Professor Labcoat will be the last game of the series,
but since our new Labcoat replacement was not ready yet, Labcoat has survived for two more games.
Tomorrow the last part of Labcoat (26) will be available at
For those of you who love Labcoat, try solving this riddle:

brain teaser

In just a few days we’ll release ‘Smells Like Art’ (a.k.a. Bosko’s game) so stay tuned 🙂
Enjoy your weekend!

Modern art

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

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