Meet Andrew

Hi everybody! Five years ago we developed a Facebook game in which the player takes chance in creating the perfect tourist island upon a small patch of land in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. In the game there was a fair amount of hotels, restaurants and attractions to build and lot’s of tiki medals to earn. The game’s graphics was inspired from the Caribbean architecture style. hotels

Some of the game’s hotels


And a few more…


Some of the shops the player could build


Some of the island’s attractions

The game didn’t do very well so we removed it six month after it was launched, it was our first (and only) big project, but we learned a lot from it. Today we are thinking about bringing Andrew, the game’s character who used to help new players, into his own new point and click game (You can see Andrew doing guest appearances on Mermaid City and the first Dakota Winchester game.) So if you have an idea for a Caribbean themed game we would love to hear about it.

And this is Andrew!

Your opinion needed

We’ve released six parts of Professor Labcoat‘s games, and now we are considering developing a new series, with the same game mechanic and questions style, but with a different theme: a Vortex Point theme! It will not replace the regular VP series but will come as an addition. You can see the style of the games we are referring to on the new Carmel Game’s subsidiary: Brain Busters. So what do you think? [yop_poll id=”13″] That is all for today, Have a beautiful day 🙂

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

More games…

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