Hey everybody!
We have a few announcements to make:

First, congratulations to Reness for guessing the correct creature appearing on our new logo.
You’ll get a shop sign with your name on it in one of our upcoming games!
The new logo will be revealed during the first week of December.

Second, it has been almost a year since we’ve released the first game in the Vortex Point franchise. During January we’re planning on releasing the new and improved Vortex Point:
We re-drew the characters, the backgrounds will be more detailed, we’ll try to make the game a bit longer and maybe even introduce some new features.
We want to create a map of the town of Vortex Point, so you’re more than welcome to suggest any type of building you think needs to be there: Movie theater, Gas station, Library, Haunted house etc.

Our future games will take place in some of the town’s buildings.
Vortex Point 4 - Coming Soon


In order to take part in the contest you’ll need to submit us an adventure game plot including clickable/usable items and interesting things to use them on.
Whoever submits the best and most detailed idea will turn into a character in the game they wrote! Another option, is that we will draw one of the game’s backgrounds according to the winner’s real house!
Please submit the ideas using the contact form (ideas in the comments to this post will not be participating). We will announce the winner on December 27th.

Fourth, last but not least: We’ve created a brand new and improved donations page, which introduces a set goal for creating our own Full-Length independent downloadable game, which you will get by donating any amount, go and check it out.

Good luck!

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