So, What’s Next?

Hey everybody!
We hope you all had a great weekend!
First things first: High School Adventure is now available for PC.
You’ll have to use Full screen mode in order to play it properly, so make sure you hit F11 in your Chrome browser.

In other news, we’re currently working on our 3rd mobile game.
It’s not a typical CG game. It’s a game in which you need to find the hidden mystery word in order to make progress.
It’ll look something like this:

A Cup and a Cake, that must mean that the mystery word is… CUPCAKE!
That was easy, but here’s something a tiny bit more difficult:

We plan on going viral with Monster Squad in the next few days, after which we’ll start thinking of a new web game.
That’s all for today, have a great day!

Word Is Right

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