05/08/14 – New games updates

Hi everybody!

Our work on Sweet Revenge and Quest for Milkshake is continuing:

candy shop

New game

We will soon finish the work on both games’ backgrounds and then we will start working on the characters and the games’ animations.

We’ve uploaded a new version of Skip around the world to with translations to Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Persian and Hebrew, including some small fixes to issues that made the game confusing to some people.

We will also upload tomorrow a new version of Sherlock Holmes with translations to Spanish, French, Italian, Czech and Hebrew.

That is all for today,
See you next time 🙂

P.S. – A new contest is coming your way, more details on our next post 🙂

  • 1st comment


    • max

      why are you so happy in that

  • i hope the games come out soon!!!

    🙂 😉

    • lola


  • 3d Im waiting for new game ^^

  • Talia

    4th and Can’t wait!!! 😀

  • carmelgame lover

    woho can’t wait to play the games!
    If you want I could translate some games in dutch!

  • Tj

    6th Comment! Yay! Really looking forward to everything coming up.

  • 7th yipee I love your games can you make vortex point 5 about the doll that will bring hell upon us all

  • aidanz

    8 woohooo la;kfjoipdsklghiudaolkjgnm

  • Number one fan


    Btw LOVE UR GAMES!!!! The next ones look great!

    From your number one fan!!

  • Tathagata

    9th, awesome! Both looks intriguing to me!
    Your best fan out here in India.

    • anudeep

      MEEEEE! 🙂
      we All are die hard fans!

  • 10th but when do you release the game or games?

  • I can’t wait for these two new games. Cheers.

  • when will this game release ?

  • nice work 🙂

  • aanchal

    they are so sweet game my mouth is full of water

  • your games are awwwsoome

  • what is the name of that sheep?

    • Carmel Games

      Soon to be revealed 🙂

  • CAN’T wait for the contest!!! i LOVE your games alot.

  • Jessy57

    We want Vortex Point please 🙁

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Jessy,

      Vortex Point 5 will be released in October.

      • but isnt there vortex point 5 already camelo????

  • JimmyPlaysGames7

    Hello Moti and Or! When are these two games gonna be released?
    i cant wait to play them cause i know they are gonna be epic like all of your games!!
    -Jimmy 😀

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Jimmy,

      Both games will be released during the current month (August).

  • Mauve

    Looks yummilicious!

  • Natalie

    vortex point pleaseeeeeeeeee <3

  • O Power

    Hey guys ! liked the latest games. I’ve liked your games since i first played ray and cooper in some site (i just opened any random site, and choose a random game). You are really the best.
    Will you post a second part for chopping maul? I liked that game alot.

    • Carmel Games

      We really want to do a sequel to Creepo’s tales, we just did have a good enough of an idea to create a sequel yet, also we have so many games still needed to be done in the near future, so there’s still time 🙂

  • when will you release it tell the date please (:

  • can you do the language in russia plz

    • Carmel Games

      Hi zlata,

      If we’ll get a volunteer to do Russian translation we’ll be happy to add it!

  • Emily

    I can’t wait for the new game!! I wish I could play it today!! Also, could you make more supernatural typer games? You guys are always so good with them!! Well.. You’re good at every game you make!!!

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Emily,

      You’ve got some supernatural games coming for sure during October, maybe sooner, but we can’t promise that for now.

      • aanchal

        could there be a translation in hindi?
        or SPOOKY!!!!!!

        • Carmel Games

          Hi Aanchal, we can’t translate our games to Hindi due to technical problem. We will try to solve the issue in the future.

  • paris

    i have an idea for you carmel games its there’s this guy who loves his one day something happens maybe you could come up with something and he looses his dog and he has to get all these materials and ask people stuff like that because i would love to have dogs in a game plz take notice and answer

    • Carmel Games

      Hi paris,

      If you want you can send us your idea to
      Please be as specific as you can, and we’ll see what we can do 🙂

  • Carmel Games

    To everyone who asks, both games will be released during August.

    • aanchal

      carmel games
      i was playing on a site named girlgogames
      and i got the game named haunted house tours
      that website only shows popular games
      i am really happy for such a success

      • Carmel Games

        We are happy to hear it too.

  • hey carmel games why you forgot the poll on one of your games?

    • Carmel Games

      Which poll?

      • that we made our own desicion like what name we want like we vote on crystal rose divine we pick names there .

        • and thank you for replying!

  • carmelgame lover

    hi I offered it before but you did not respond so I’ll offer it again: would you like me to translate some games in Dutch?

    • Carmel Games

      Yes, that would be great. Please email us HERE.

  • max

    hi caremel games i have an idia for skip around the worled india in it skip will try to get the aotograph of the legendry film star Amitab bachen i think that will be fun right.

  • max

    and yes for shure im your fan from india

  • Nona

    hi carmel games,your translation into persian is wonderful!
    thank u very much

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Nona, thank you for your feedback, we are very thankful to Helya and Alaleh, who voluntarily translated the game into Persian.

  • Niall

    Your games are amazing , i just visit this website every day .I’m waiting for the new games

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Niall, thank you for your feedback.
      we are planning to release a new game next week, we’re also about to start our Christmas contest, we will write more about it later on today.

      • max

        you pepole reply evryone but not me why?

  • vortex point

    i would like to congratolate you for your outstanding games .They are my favourite and Im allways ancious for your updates and releaces.

    • vortex point


    • Carmel Games

      Thanks 🙂

  • max

    when will you reply

  • max

    cant you me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hi carmel games i would like to know if you are releasing any gams this week or a weekly update.

    😀 Lala

    • and one more thing how do you translate games couse i can translate an game(s) to portuguese if you would like me to.

      please take notice :/


  • Kiara

    when the game will release?? I know thw game will release in August but the date?? please?

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Kiara, we don’t know the exact date, but we hope our new game will be ready on Tuesday or Wednesday.

      • Kiara

        OK! Thanks

  • i asked not much ago but will ask again can you tell me how to translate a game because i can maybe translate one to portugese 😀 (ifyou like ofcouse)

    • Carmel Games

      Hi lala, please contact us using the contact form.

  • I can also translate a game into dutch if you want to so al the kids from The Netherlands can enjoy too:)

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