06/10/14 – And the winners are…

Hi everybody! Our second contest has ended a week ago and now it’s time to announce the winners.
We would like to thank each and everyone of you who took the time to write to us.
We will most likely use your great ideas in our upcoming games.

So hereΒ areΒ our winners:
1. Lai Frank
2. Iacopo Gradassi
3. Talia Rubeo
4. Andrea Petro
5. Guinevere Dechance
6. Lavnish Gupta
7. Alyssa Bourke
8. Rick Sellars
9. Melanie Fehrenz
10. Jayson Dannog
11. Harshit Kumar
12. Susanna Su
13. Ghislain Puig
14. Federica Lane
15. Helene Ehret
16. Isobel Tan
17. Brianna Stewart
18. Yash Agarwal
19. Sami D.
20. Maud R.
21. Tony Tiger Daniels (Facebook raffle winner)

We would like to congratulate all the winners!
If you’re one of the winners and you haven’t write us your shipping address yet, please do it as soon as possible in order to receive the prize.

  • first comment

  • when is your next game coming out? is it vp5?

    • i geuss so

    • Tathagata

      No, Meena, I think that Carmelgames said Maplewood Junior High wold be completed by October 20, where as Vortex Point 5 will be released on Halloween(i.e. October 31)! Yet, as Carmelgames said of This Doesn’t Work feature in the Maplewood game, it is going to give a whole new dimension to point and click games.

      • Carmel Games

        Yes Tathagata is correct, thank you for commenting Tathagata πŸ™‚

      • Thank you

  • carmel games,in my laptop updates are not come without pressing ctrl and older times updates are coming automaticaly.

    • Carmel Games

      Yes suhani it’s different in each browser and it’s settings.

  • julie

    Grats to the winners. @Meens i hope it is VP5 as well πŸ™‚

  • julie

    @meena meant meena, sorry bad typing fingers

  • I wish halloween would come fast.Hey guys,when is vp5 coming?

  • Jessy57

    Horay, congrats for everyone πŸ˜€ When will be released vp5 πŸ˜›

  • KASD

    Can’t wait for your next update on your progress! I love hearing what you guys are working on!

  • Talia

    cool. can’t wait for them to come in the mail!

  • dallas

    9th comment you should make a survival game

  • 11th

  • Tathagata

    Carmelgames, hope you don’t mind if I suggest a point-and-click game to everyone! All of us here are FANATICS of point and click games, especially yours. Please reply if I have your permission!

    • ya u can give me i want 2 play ADVENTURE as well as POINT N CLICK games mainly like carmel game plz plz plz πŸ™‚ <3

    • please give us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! quikly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tathagata

      The Game I was talking about is Morningstar, you can play it on Kongregate. Amazing game! Here is the URL, guys, check it out :-

      • thanks are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pragya

      Tathagata, i didn’t understand?

  • petroa

    Are the winners listed in any particular order?

    • Carmel Games

      No petroa,
      It is random.

  • Yash

    when can I receive my prize my address is Mandi Chowk, Moradabad,Uttar Pradesh, India,
    pin code= 244001

    • congrats!!

      • Yash

        Thanks Vishakha and Yulien

    • Yulien

      congrats ! πŸ˜€

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Yash, we will update after posting the prizes to everyone πŸ™‚

  • i love your games, i hope vp5 even great is as 123 because 4 was really hard en there were very hard puzzles, but all your other games are great

  • give my name in your game please

  • Jasmine

    What’s this Nightmare at Deadmoon Manor? Is there anything else hidden behind the tabs?

  • ig


  • OH MY GOD I WON!!! (#5)

  • where do we send you our address

  • rocky 501


    • Carmel Games

      Hi Rocky,

      The Vortex Point site has many things in it but it is currently unavailable.
      We’ll fix it for the release of Vortex Point 5.

  • Lavnish

    thank you carmel games

    i just cant believe i m one of the winners!!! and i have resent the address to you

    please check

  • plz admin tell me how to participate in weekly contest.
    your all games are very cooooool

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Maryam, just follow our website, we will publish a spacial post once a new contest will start.

  • Vinnie

    Hi its me again. Can you say how to win prizes over here.
    And Can you make some more Creepo’s Tales

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Vinnie,

      1. We do contests every now and then, in which you could win prizes. When there’s a contest we post about it so everyone could see, so no worries about it πŸ™‚

      2. There will be a 2nd Ceepo’s Tales in 2015.

  • winner here, coming through XD
    this was ages ago and I can’t believe I’m commenting now ;-;

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