11/11/14 – Our weekly update

Hi everybody!
We have a few updates for you this week:

Kongregate’s contest

So we didn’t win this time, turns out that people can upload a game a minute before the contest ends, give themselves 5 stars, and win the contest.
But we would still like to say thanks to all of you who took their time to vote, we really appreciate it.

Girl power

A lot of you have requested us to do more games with females as the leading character, so we are planning to do it soon.
So far we have two ideas for female protagonist (for two different games):
1. Tammy Jo, the famous country singer, traveling around the state and preforms in different locations, while fighting her arch-enemy Mason Grayson.
2. Georgette “Black Eyepatch” Locke, the smartest pirate in the world, who becomes a role model to her fellow pirates.

We also have Crystal Rose Divine, the fabulous TV host, who will return for another episode of Into the Wild, and with time we will add more and more games with female characters in the lead.

Vortex point 6

The work on VP6 will start in a few months, but until then, we decided to do an extreme makeover for the VP gang.
Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments bellow.





Upcoming games

Next week we plan to release Yurius’s House of Spooks (We changed the name from Norman to Yurius).
After that we’ll release Space on the Case, and then it’s time for our holidays season game!

That’s all for now, see you next time!

The Birdcage

Google Play
Check out The Birdcage, a new game from the same publisher of Murder Mall. It's a 21 levels game with puzzles, and although it doesn't have any goofy characters, like the those you'd find in our games, it's still pretty nice.

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