12/10/14 – TGIF :)

Hi everybody!
So we are still working on Vortex Point 5. There’s a lot of work to be done and not too much time left until the game’s release date – October 31.
This is why we can’t reply to all of your comments like we usually do, please accept it with understanding and patience.

We noticed that we have a lot of names in the Carmelo’s names wizard, that is why in the upcoming Vortex Point we used 22 names out of the wizard. Most of the names will show up during the game’s opening cut-scene, so pay close attention while you’re watching it 🙂
We will improve the name wizard to a much better and cleaner interface when we will upgrade our website, hopefully it will be very soon.


Have a lovely weekend!


    FIRST ONE !!!!!!!!!! HURRAY!

  • Angelo

    1st comment!
    I am sooooooooooo excited for the relasa of Vortex Point 5! I LOVE YOUR GAMES! YAY!!!!

    • 3rd comment. Can’t wait for vp5. Wish u all a happy Haloween.

    • Jamie Hamilton

      Seriously, you are arguing over a silly matter. Nobody cares if you were the first comment or the last one. Nobody on the internet would even care if you DIE. Because this is a damn comment section, where nobody cares if you got the first comment, or the forty seventh one. You dont even need to argue over it, since people can CLEARLY see that you put the first comment. And so what if you commented first? Did you get a Nobel prize or something? Now, I am ashamed of myself, because I just wrote a whole paragraph on that idiocy.

      Seriously, people suck

      • jasmine

        finally!!! OMG someone who makes sense!

      • thank you you opened my eyes .you are right.

      • Aadhav

        Umm, I’m sorry to say this but you shouldn’t be rude to others. It might have hurt people’s feelings reading the paragraph you type. I’m sorry if you found it rude what I typed, but it might be the feelings others may possess but not typed out.

        • Jamie Hamilton

          Very sorry if I seemed rude, I swear that I just wrote that comment because i was annoyed at that person, because he keeps shouting, and it wasn’t the first time. Now, thanks to him, my little sister saw that i was reading his comment, she read it out loud, my family now thinks i wrote that, im grounded for three weeks, my sister keeps saying the ‘c’ word, which only gets me into more trouble. I wrote that so that it would be the last time somebody wrote swear words, or even angry words or words at all, just because of a first comment.
          I tried to delete it as soon as i saw a posted stuff like that, on a website like this, or any website, but no delete button.

          Again, very sorry.


          • Shivangi

            Its fine dude . You don’t need to be sorry at all . We all are friends . !!!! SO CHILL !!!!! 🙂 😀

      • nikta

        yes. like

      • people suck?– seriously? you’re overreacting!:(

    • lola

      Ι AM THE GOOD SPIRIT I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes u r right zlata .R u a Russian? . Moreover it happens often. I think it’s because of the variation in time.

  • YYdouble

    can’t wait for it! it’s never soon enough 😀

  • ProAssassinMC

    Looking forward to the new game!Also.. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

  • areesha


    • Areesha

      Hey, we have the same names!

  • KASD

    Can’t wait! ^.^

  • please hurry i cant wait:)

  • Leah

    seems like im losing my patience ………… waiting waiting waiting

  • awesome but what is the name wizzard?

    • Tara

      Its when you want your name in one of their games you put your name in the name wizard and then they use some of those in the games

  • i am very bored becuase my new film HAPPY NEW YEAR have been releasing on deCember’S end so i play your and i like but i like the A DAY AT THE LIBRARY AND THE cRAzy DAd thank you four creating that game hmmmmmm bari bari websites par isey choty choty batin tou hoti rehtein hain…… hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Gladys

    Yey the release date of VP 5 is on my birthday

    • AnnieT

      You sir or madam must have the best birthday ever. O-O

  • Renee

    yo mannnn!!!!! cant w8 4 vortex point……….

  • zaina ashfaq


  • Wow cool, waiting for vortex point ^^

  • All the Indians on this website I wish you all a Happy Diwali!

    • Jamie Hamilton

      Thanks! Honestly, i think there are more indians on here than americans. Like tathagatha roy chowdry, etc.

      • anudeep

        Me too 🙂

    • thank you very much same to you hussain.

      • aviraj

        thanks same to you

        • Thank u & wish u d same hussain. From which state r u all in India?

          • anudeep

            i’m from AP

          • anudeep

            what about u?

          • I am from Maharashtra

          • I’m from A.P.

    • anudeep

      Thank you and wish you the same!

      • i love u all g…….

        • ya i m also indian from mp
          no body talks 2 me so sad 🙁

          • Dont be sad I have same situation.

          • Pragya

            ya i m also indian

        • do u mean girls ? aman

          • u know what india is best i love my india

      • some one plz talk 2 me
        happy diwali indians plz talk 2 me i m parul from mp

        • yes peam including tara ,vishaka aanchal,nikita love u all muhhhhhhhhh

          • Shivangi

            I am here too …! <3 <3

    • Tj

      Happy Diwali!

      • Carmel Games

        Happy Diwali to you too!

        • I tell carmel games about diwali

  • CANT WAAAIT! vortex point 5 is one of my favourite mouse city games!!

  • can not waittttttttttt hehehehehehehe

  • i m superrrrrrrrr exicted for vp as usualyyyyyyyyyyyy oooooooo
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • aduda

    this is gonna be sweet…

  • awsome!! i can give u ideas carmel games for vp 6 heheheehe no seriously i can give u ideas i can give them here i can write them in the coment section or something else

    please replay soon :))))

  • aanchal

    tommorow is my birthday i am verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry exited!!!!!!

    • Happy b’day & many more happy returns of the day aanchal.

      • aanchal

        thanks i was not able to reply as i was outside the full day

        • u r saying like this that u r on facebook and someone messaged 2 u n u cannot answer hahahah

          • by the way any one have facebook account but only girls
            as i m a girl
            plz we will became friends
            shivangi , tara,suhani ,anyone
            koi tho bol do
            kam se kam replay tho kr do

          • Shivangi

            kyu tumhara ID kya hai??


    Will you (carmel games) make the game like Dannabelle the demonic doll is set free by a thief who mistakenly breaks the glass in which the doll is kept!!! It would be so S.C.A.R.Y that people will run to their mommy!!!!!!

    • Carmel Games Number One Fan

      AMAZING idea!!!!
      They should rlly do that!
      Carmel plzzzzzz do it!

      Please reply!

  • good luck on vp5

  • Talia

    Can’t wait! XD

  • julie

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! Thrilled for VP5!!!

  • João Marcelo

    I realy liked the references to the warren’s witchcraft museum in the new office of vortex point ( references like: Annabelle, that think with horns that i don’t know what is), have you heard about the paintings of the children that cries? ( A kind of paintings that made houses almost totaly burn, except the paintings), and about John Titor ( the time traveler)? I think these are good there’s for future vortex point games( like: one of the painting of the children that cries was in vortex Point’s museum, it was been stealed and a lot of places in the town started to burn misteriously, then vortex Point’s team (( Kevin, Craig and Caroline)) recieve a case by cellphone, the sender said that his house were haunted, then Kevin, Craig and Caroline go to the house, the main door close and they start investigating the case, in the living room, they find a witchcraft book with one page missing on the library, they find the stealed painting at a bedroom (( Actualy a suite)), at one side of the bed there is a doll, Dannabelle, that was been robbet too, they enter in the bathroom and find one key and the missing page at the sink drawner, they use the sink to see if there is something in the mirror that needs heat to be activated, but instead of water there is blood in The sink, they run away and notice that Dannabelle is missing, then they run to the living room and find Dannabelle near the book, they put the missing page on the book and magically it returns to it’s original place, the bookshelf moves and liberates a secret passage, the trio scapes the house using the passage, and the one of John Titor: an assassinate occurs and the assassin identity is not know, then the trio discover that the assassin is from future…

  • dallas

    where do i go to enter my ideas

  • JD

    Awesome games. Can’t wait to play Vortex Point 5!! When will it be released? 🙂

  • sara46461


  • sara46461

    oh and happy birthday aanchal may u have many many more

    • aanchal

      thanks a million sara

      • Happy birthday to you happy birthday you aanchal.

        • aanchal

          thanks a bunch suhani

  • nikta

    i like youuuuuuuuu i really love this month. lots of good newssssss

  • I almost forgot, Happy Halloween to all the Americans and everyone who celebrate!

  • i m single

  • Hi guys! thanksss!!! i love you soooo much;) i can’t wait for vp5 !
    you’re awsommmmme!!!
    i just love your games!! they’re soo interesting and i just love themm!
    ((: love you :))

    • Carmel Games

      We’re only five days away from VP5 🙂

      • Ok admin, but plz post your information below (i mean among these comments) ok?
        All your games are very fabulous, i enjoyed all games.

  • Austin

    Can’t wait! Looks incredibly epic.

  • yoshin

    is it a concidence its on halloween?

  • Ok admin, but plz post your information below (i mean among these comments) ok?
    All your games are very fabulous, i enjoyed all games.

  • raj

    cant wait for vp5 i am so exited

  • Hi Carmelgames.

    I cant wait for vp5.
    Anyways, I have some ideas to share. Hope you like them. 🙂

    1- A man has a dog whom he loves dearly. So one day the dog gets very dirty and he takes the dog for a bath. But a bunch of criminals fool him and tell him to pick up his dog tomorrow from their so called dog bath. The criminals plan to sell his dog and the man has to save him.

    2- A man gets shipwrecked onto an isolated island and has to find a way to go back home. (You can also show another man who has lived on the island for many years.)

    3- A lifeguard at a swimming pool has been threatened to be fired by his boss if there is any rule breaking observed at the pool. Its up to the lifeguard to kick out all the rule breakers and save his job.

    Please let me know if you like them. 😀 😀 😀

    • Hi Donna! What a great ideas, You are sooooooo fantastic….

    • Carmel Games Number One Fan

      Love the ideas!
      Amazing! I can just imagine them in a game!
      Every one help carmel games to notice this comment!!!


      Love the ideas x

      • Thanks a lot guys. 😀

    • Carmel Games

      Hi donna,

      Please send the ideas to out email so we can keep them on track:

  • aanchal

    i am from UP any one else from UP too?

    • Yes yes yes I am from U.P.

      • aanchal

        are you from Lucknow?

        • No, my father is from allahabad and my mother is from gorakhpur.

  • Jessy57

    Hooray the best game ever 😀 waiting for VP5!

  • Jamie Hamilton

    Haha, later dude.


    • aanchal

      do you live in India?

      • Jamie Hamilton

        YUP, I live in Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala, India, but only on holidays. I look exactly like an American, which is confusing to a lot of people, since i am an Indian. My father is an American, and my mother is Indian, so i got genetics. Wow, I just told you the life story of my gene pool.

        See you around.


  • Jamie Hamilton

    Hey, Carmel! It’s the idea girl again, Jamie. OKIE Now for my ideas.

    1. How about a series of games like VP series, but instead of it being paranormal, its MURDER investigation? It could be called ‘Palace’ [Castle]. The main characters are Writer, Rich Palace [Rick Castle], Detective Late Bennett [Kate Beckett], Partners Kenneth Ram [Kevin Ryan] and Jamie [haha] Espanol [Javier Esposito], and finally, the victim is an Indian [double haha], and you can put any name you want

    2. I dont have any more ideas

    3. Well, i guess that is it. Later, Carmel

  • Jamie Hamilton

    Carmel games, how about a section on your website where people can JOIN Carmelo’s team? I know, I know, its confusing. Let me explain. At first, I was writing ideas for Carmel Games under several names, in case i did something stupid, so i could start all over again, and i am very happy that you replied and that you actually used some of my ideas and that you actually replied to the name wizard [Johnny Boy], but then, you know, comments start pouring in, you dont have time to read ALL comments from this post OR recent posts, so you cant read my ideas, some of which are good, and other people’s good ideas. SO, How about a section on your website JUST FOR ideas, and people who want to help with your games. OK, More explaining about the ‘people who want to help with your games’. Like Tathagatha Roy Chowdury, a LOT of people know how to write UNCLUTTERED, and ACCURATE walkthroughs, and i read the comments commenting on SO many people who want to write walkthroughs, design characters for you, [like Luke the Duke] and you know, people would LOVE to help you, and its a win-win, since the people who want to help feel like they’re a part of something, and Carmel Games have their work become fewer. I was also happy earlier today when i thought there was ALREADY a section, called ‘Carmelo’s army’. I was disappointed to find out that people didnt comment, and it concerned voting. Althrough Carmelos army is very nice, if you decide to make a section, can you name it ‘Join Carmelo’s team’? Because people would instantly know that they have an oppurtunity to help Carmel Games. People [including me] LOVE to feel like they’re a part of something, and again, you would have fewer work, games would come sooner, everybody’s happy. About the idea section, you would get more ideas, maybe more games, and again, everybody is happy. Another thing is, the comment section is being cluttered, i dont mean that in a bad way, but another upside of the idea is that there would be a cleaner, better and more organized section for ideas.
    Game designers, artists, walkthrough writers, idea-makers, and incredibly clever people could make your games even better, which is hard to do since the games are great, and AGAIN, you have fewer work, more games, the more games come sooner, more ideas, etc.
    In case you didn’t understand, or you lost me somewhere on this incredibly long comment, here is the Overall thing.
    New section on your website for ideas and for people who want to join Carmel’s team=More people who can help you with walthroughs, ideas, designes, sketches, etc.=’More hands make light work’=More games=Less time to wait for games=Gamers happy=There will be a TEAM working together, which will be fun, mostly+Less work=Carmel Games MIGHT be happy? I dont know how you will feel, but just in case,

    New section on your website for ideas and for people who want to join Carmel’s team=More people who can help you with walthroughs, ideas, designes, sketches, etc.=’More hands make light work’=More games=Less time to wait for games=Gamers happy=There will be a TEAM working together, which will be fun, mostly+Less work=Carmel Games happy=Everybody’s happy.

    At least think about it, please.


    • Jamie Hamilton

      Jordan, stop this. Seriously. There are CHILDREN here, and you know that any comment with a swear word in it will be deleted. I’ll talk to you at school. Stop making a big deal out of this, really.


      • Jordan Vreetill

        Oh, replying fast now? It doesnt matter if my comment is deleted, as long as you saw it. Fine, we will talk at school, but AT SCHOOL today. Meet me by the water fountain. And, delete your comments.

      • aanchal

        i am sorry to interrupt but how many of you people are there here who study in the same school?

        • Jamie Hamilton

          Me, Jordan, a girl named Hazel, and a guy named Johnny. We all go to Skinner High School in Manhattan, NY

          • Which std r u in?

          • Jamie Hamilton

            I’m a junior, and my birthday hasn’t come yet, so I’m in 11th and I’m 17 years old.

          • aanchal

            WOW you are like 4-5 years bigger to me!!!!

          • aanchal

            so you are not in india for now?

          • Jamie Hamilton

            No, I’m not. I’m only in India on vacations, or special occasions, like Diwali or Holi. I left last week.


    • aanchal

      dear carmel games you should consider Jamie’s idea. There are many people who are big fans and would LOVE to help you.

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Jamie,

      Thank you for the very detailed ideas. Sorry it took us long to answer, we were busy with Vortex Point 5 and it took a while to read your entire comment thoroughly.
      You bring up good points, we believe that pretty much all of them will be dealt with in the upcoming big website renovation we’re planning. The new website will be more clear and organized, also one of the biggest improvements we’re planning is a Forum system, in which there will be several different forums, for contests/ideas/features/games discussions/help/etc. We hope this system will answer all of the current problems with the website which you’ve mentioned. If there will still be problems we’ll think of more improvements 🙂

      Thanks a lot!

      • Jamie Hamilton

        Thank you very much! And also, thank you for taking my ideas into account. And yes, I think the Forum system will run very smoothly, and all the problems will be solved.

        Thanks again!


  • nikta

    but i think your right jamie hamilton. i love what did you said.

  • nikta

    hi every body everything is ok? whats up?

    • Jamie Hamilton

      Jordan is a LITTLE jealous about what happened, and now he’s threatening me to………….. you dont want to know. But, he’s black-mailing me, and black-balled me from every person who does not know me in Manhattan, which is pretty much everybody. Anyway, you dont need to know the story of my life.


  • Pragya

    Shivangi, r u from gurgaon?

    • Shivangi

      No,Pragya I’m from Delhi,dear 🙂

  • Jamie Hamilton

    OKIE, CARMEL GAMES! I am very fixated on your games being based on TV shows, lately. First, like before, Castle, and second, F.R.I.E.N.D.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK, The idea of the game of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, is::::


    Monica (Courteney Cox) tells her friends that she will not be cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving because of the large amount of leftovers it will create. Chandler does not eat turkey as a result of his dislike of all Thanksgiving foods (a result of childhood trauma), Pheobe (Lisa Kudrow’s character) is a vegetarian and Rachel was having an aversion to poultry from her pregnancy. This left only Monica, Ross and Joey to eat the enormous turkey.Joey (Matt LeBlanc) protests, and announces that he will eat the entire turkey himself if necessary. Monica agrees, and Joey finishes the nineteen-pound turkey by the end of the episode. Monica tells Rachel that she has invited over an old high-school friend of hers and Ross’s called Will Colbert (Brad Pitt). Rachel does not remember him, and he reacts with total aversion when he finds out Rachel will be joining them for dinner.

    Throughout dinner, Will is hostile to Rachel. Will, like Monica, has lost a great deal of weight since high school and looks great. When Will keeps ignoring her advances and is continuously hostile, he reveals that she was horrible to him in high school. Will also eventually reveals that during high school, he and Ross initiated the episode’s titular rumor: that Rachel is a hermaphrodite. Rachel reacts tearfully, claiming she never hurt Ross in high school, until Monica reminds her that she started a rumor of her own that Ross made out with the school’s 50-year-old librarian (though Ross reveals that this is in fact true). When Ross and Rachel argue, Monica reminds them that they are having a baby together and that some things are more important than high school. Will feels betrayed that Ross had a relationship with Rachel but then that turns to a high five when he discoveres that Ross “knocked her up but did not marry her.” Ultimately the characters settle their differences. The episode culminates in Joey finishing off the turkey wearing Pheobe’s-turned-Rachel’s maternity pants and getting the meat sweats. After being extremely full, Joey still had room for pie.

    OK, I am thinking LOTS OF mini-games, STARTING with the turkey, you know, and you have to get rid of the things that Monica has to do by doing them FOR her, and the ingredients are scattered throughout the apartment, and NOT only do you have to find them, some ingredients, you have to pull certain strings, and do other things, for the people who have them, in order for them to return the favor so you have TONS of other things to do, and SECOND mini-game is that Rachel has numerous flashbacks, once Ross asks her if she didnt do anything wrong, and she has flashbacks, and she has to ask people, solve mini-games, and ALSO asks the librarian, because she knows she didn’t do anything, and was determined to prove it. In the end, she apologizes to Will and Ross, and they do the same thing and admit that they made up a rumor too. Back at Monica’s Phoebe is being disgusted by the meat smell, and she wont go to the apartment until the smell is gone. She says the turkey can be there, just not the smell, which indicates a fan, or something to cover her nose. Joey also says that he will be very big when he finishes eating, so he will need something to fit into, and Phoebe’s pants are not an option, so Monica needs to find scissors, cloth, and a sewing machine. After all that, about the Monica’s chores thing, she will only need to help Rachel for advice, Phoebe for the smell, Joey for the pants, Ross and Will to help with Rachel, and the COFFEEHOUSE she will have to replace their favorite couch, since they sit on it so much its kind of their responsibility, and FINALLY, she has to help Chandler by helping him getting over his childhood trauma, so that the turkey would still not be wasted on Joey.
    Finally, at the end, they move the turkey to Central Perk, they all eat the turkey, and Monica even separated a part of the turkey which is vegan, [you dont have to make it vegan while you’re playing, its automatic] and they all eat together, including Will.
    The final scene shows that Monica is so tired that right after they celebrate Thanksgiving and eat, and its time for bed, she goes asleep on the couch. The credits show a picture of human Monica sleeping [you can find it on google].
    What I just wrote is probably very complicated to create, but it would mean a lot if you used the idea.


    • Carmel Games

      Hi Jamie, thank you for your idea, we will look into it later today 🙂

      • Jamie Hamilton

        OOH, the first time Carmel Games replied to one of my ideas!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 :D!!!!!!!!! God i have such a rush. Like when i put my phone to 1% battery charge. Just for the rush. Just to feel something.

        Anyway, thank you for replying, and i look forward to playing VP5.


      • Jamie Hamilton

        Can I write the written walkthrough for the game if you decide to make it? And if you, can you send me the game first when you’re done with it, because I can write walkthroughs and things in general pretty fast, so the walkthrough and the game can be released on the same day?

  • Jessy57

    What TGIF means?

    • Carmel Games

      Thank God It’s Friday!

      • Pragya

        what does that mean?

  • anone have facebook account ?
    plz koi tho friend ban jao
    kyu indians ? facebook account h ya nahi
    yaha pe chat krte h aapan girla as well as boys
    kam se kam replay tho kr do na

  • Areesha

    I love the Vortex Point Series!! Cant wait!

    And P.S: Carmel games, could you take this idea and put it in on of your games, please? I dont mind if you dont! 🙂

    There is a new kid in school and is constantly bullied by the biggest bully. Some time passes by and the talent show comes. The talent show is a big deal and if you win, it can increase your popularity by 99%.
    The new kid participates and when the bully finds out he gets really angry. The bully decides to make fun of him after the talent show cause he is sure that he wouldnt have a proper talent but is amazed when he sees the new kids amazing talent. In the end, the new kid is the most popular kid in school and the bully is his best friend.

    Thanks 🙂

  • aanchal

    have you studied about HTML? if yes, then might be we can make a website together!!!!

  • how any years old are u
    can anyone of my friend tell 🙂

  • sara46461

    yippee tomorrow vp5 will come hurray

  • Happy Samhain to all the Pagens


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