12/08/14 – Carmelo’s Christmas Cards Contest! Woohoo!

Hi everybody!
Three months ago we had the Carmelo’s Mugs Contest. The contest’s mission back then was drawing an original character.
We’ve sent four Carmelo mugs to our winners and selected another five people that got a character named after them (You can see their names in our most recent game – Sherlock Holmes – The Tea Shop Murder Mystery).

Photo courtesy of Sarah Jane Anadon, one of the winners

This time we have something different for you. No need for a drawing talent this time, only simple logic.
Your mission is to write a list of items you can use in a point&click game, and how you can use these items (Can also be combinations of different items).
For instance, you can write:
1. Crowbar > To open a wooden crate
2. Key > To open a locked door
3. Hammer > To break a crystal ball > Get a key

Write as much as you can come up with. Of course you need to be as original as possible, it will be best to come up with ideas that didn’t appear in any of our previous games.  We will choose the winners based on the best ideas in our opinion.

Send your lists to our contest email (This email is only for the contest’s purposes):


Please write your full name and address so it will be easier for us to send you your prize quickly in case you’ll win.

And now for the prizes!

If you’ll be one of our lucky winners you will receive 4 of your very own Carmelo’s Christmas cards, which you can send to your family and friends, or keep to yourself 😉
We will select 20 winners. The contest will end on October 1st. We will announce the winners one week later.

Good luck!

  • Leena

    First comment 🙂

    • lola


  • Leena

    So excited for the contest!!! 😀

  • Yay a contest your last contest I couldn’t do it

  • Talia

    Yay!!! A contest that doesn’t involve artistic ability!!!!!!

  • fifth comment

  • sixth! i love carmel games

  • Cormac

    Sounds Great 🙂

  • Cormac

    Sounds Great!

  • Pooja Abraham

    Can we use really strange ideas?

    • Carmel Games

      Yes you can…

  • no new game?????? only the contest!!!! oh god rest my soul in peace……..

  • aanchal

    could you tell me that if i do not want that mug then can i get my name in a game?
    i really want to participate.
    plz reply.

  • 13th comment , mobile = make a call to someone
    Shoe = throw on a telephone

  • oh men! no new game pleas one this or next week:/

    PLZ dont be mad for my reaction:(

    lala 🙂

  • barbie 2007

    hi carmel game
    im 6 year ago and i love to play your games

  • r there any charges for it and how do you send gifts to people in other countries?

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Areesha, there are no charges at all, it’s a gift.

      • and how u send gifts to people in other country

  • Jade

    Does it matter which country you are from?

    • Carmel Games

      No, we ship to nearly anywhere.

  • Kaitlyn

    Does there have to be a certain number and/or is there a limit?

    • Carmel Games

      No, you can write as much items as you want.

  • rheray

    where do i put my list of items that will help?

  • Jessy57

    That’s so cool 😀

  • Lavnish

    Do not forget to read my items Carmel Games. i have sent you email !!!!!!!!

    • Carmel Games

      We got it.

  • Key > To open a mysterious box > Get a mask
    Shoe > To give to a rich man who lost his one shoe > Get 500 bucks
    Saw > To cut down a tree > Get wood
    The 500 bucks > buy two ice creams for a little child > Get a broken pc game > remaining 250 bucks
    The 250 bucks > give to a mechanic to repair the broken game

  • Capn

    Hammer+fork = Use hammer on fork prongs and use fork to pick a lock. (door, chest)
    fingernail clippers = use to cut wires bypass a lock… or give to a fashionable homeless man?
    Basket = Give to fisherman to catch crab = crab pinches dog and lets you pass a guarded gate.
    Fireworks = Use to scare away gangsters/mobsters/what-have-you.

    Since everyone said it:

    Shoe = Use to fix broken pair of stilts = stilts help you get an item out of reach.

    On another note, I have no idea how y’all put these games out so fast, but keep up the good work! Always good, clean fun.

    • Carmel Games

      We have future plans of making them even faster 😉 Thanks!

  • Rick S.

    Hidden leaver in dresser to reveal treasure.

    Camera lens to magnify secret password leading to haunted cave

    Lobster claw to open metal chest for clues.

  • petroa

    The winners will be announced in the next few days? How exciting!

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