$1500 game

Hi everybody!
We wish to thank everyone who took part in our game writing contest. The contest ended and we’ll do our best to announce the winner by tomorrow. There were nearly 40 submissions. We’ve read some of them and looks like it’s gonna be a tough call.
Carmel’s 5th anniversary is coming soon and we’re thinking about making a special game to celebrate the occasion.
We really want to top Love Chase and Midnight Cinema, by making a game which will knock you off your chair.
We have $1500 in our donations fund, we’re thinking of spending these funds on making this game the best game CG has ever developed.
It won’t be a long game (because of our tight schedule we simply can’t do it), but we will give 110% of ourselves to make this game a true unique gem.
So far we have several ideas in mind: A romantic detective adventure, a game based on The Goonies, or maybe another, 3rd, Creepo game, featuring Creepo’s commentary.
As always, we are open for your suggestions, but it is important that we’ll reach a decision by next week.

That’s all for today,
see you soon 🙂

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