Max Strong – Private eye

In this point-and-click quest game, you play as Max, a detective that is looking for a priceless painting that was stolen from the museum. Collect useful objects, compare fingerprints and use your sharp crime-solving instincts to solve this mystery!




Open drawers to take the matches and the fingerprint kit. Go to the Museum.

Take a closer look at the coin on the floor and use the fingerprint kit on it. That will reveal Robert’s house in the navigator. Go to Robert’s house.

Robert’s house:
Pick up some leaves from the ground. Click on the plant to move it, and take key that lies under it. Use this key to open the door, and and enter the house. Take the crowbar and note that lie on the floor. Take a closer look on the computer screen, to find out that Robert went to Commodore Hotel. Use the navigator to go to the hotel.

Commodore Hotel:
You need to get the receptionist out of your way. Click the arrow that points to the right to go to the lobby. Put the leaves on the table at the center of the room under the smoke detector, and use the matches to set them on fire. That will turn on the fire alarm, and the receptionist will run away. Go back to the reception and look at the note on the desk (to find Robert’s room number). You can see that a new arrow, that points to the left, appeared on the screen. Click it to go to the hall. In the hotel’s hall screen, click on the garbage can to pick up a broken flashlight. Enter Room 12. You can see Robert’s stabbed body. Take a closer look at the knife, and use the fingerprint kit on it. That will reveal Clyde’s house in the navigator. Go to Clyde’s house.

Clyde’s house:
Use the crowbar on the door, and get inside. Click on the painting to take it off the wall. Click on the vault, and enter the code that is written on the note you found in Robert’s room. Take the UV light bulb. Look at the Million Dollars check to find Donna’s address. Use the navigator to go to Donna’s house.

Donna’s house:
Climb inside through the window. Put the UV light bulb in the flashlight, and use the new UV flashlight on the room. Click on the book that is the most covered with fingerprints. Go behind the library and click on the painting.

That’s All! Thank you for playing MaxStrong and for restoring the priceless painting back where it belongs!

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