26/03/14 – FAQ

Hi everybody!
This time we decided to write a post which contains answers to frequently asked questions about our games, etc.

Q: When will you release a new game?

A: We plan to release two-three game each month. Though we have a work schedule we can’t always predict the date of releasing a new game because the time it takes depends also on 3rd parties such as translators, voice actors, etc.

Q: Can’t you make your games longer?

A: Creating long games takes long time. Since we have to publish at least two games a month we can’t always afford the development of a long game. We will try to develop longer-than-usual games once every few months (like Vortex Point 4).

Q: Can’t you make your games harder?

Yes we can. But first of all harder games are also inherently longer, which is a problem, as already explained. In addition we want to keep things between easy and medium difficulty, because we believe most of you will not sit for 40 minutes in front of the screen trying to solve a game. Also, we don’t think most of you will sit with a pen and paper to write clues like people used to do back in the ’90s. One last comment on this topic, every now and then we get comments on most of our games from people saying they’re too hard, meaning if we’ll make games even harder some of our players won’t be able to solve them, this is a two-edged sword.
(If we’re mistaking, please say so in the comments below).

Q: I have an idea for a game!

A: That wasn’t a question, but anyway – you are more than welcome to send it to us. Please try to write in as much details as you can: To which places the main character can go, with which items the player can interact, etc. You can use the contact form to send us emails regarding anything you have in mind.

Q: Can you put my name in a game?

A: We can use your names for a small part character, small stickers or small signs in the game.
The main character’s name and the bigger signs/posters are reserved for those who have donated us or helped us by translating the game to other languages.
Go now to the CARMELO’s NAMES WIZARD page and write your name in the comments. We will use it someday in the Future.

Q: What is your next game about?

We have a pile of papers filled with drawings and ideas we need to process. For the near future we are planning to focus on our games-series, like Dakota Winchester, Vortex Point and Into the Wild, and also developing a new series which we will tell you more about in our following posts.

Mr. Green
In the photo: a pile of papers filled with drawings and ideas we need to process, guarded by Mr. Green.

That’s it, we think we’ve covered it all. If you have any more questions then please write them down in the comments below.

See ya!

  • hey!

  • i am the first one to comment.

    • edz

      yeah yeah

      • itay


  • FrancoPabloDiablo

    Thanks for your games Carmel. I don’t know about those saying the games are too complicated/should be more complicated. I enjoy playing these with my young daughter and between us both your games are perfect in their difficulty levels. I would also love to see longer games from you guys, but you explain clearly why this is not possible most of the time. And I also want to thank you again for putting my daughter’s name in one of your recent games (VP4)! We look forward to your next offering 🙂

  • Can you use my name in a game please! please please my name is Dora

  • Martijn

    Couldn’t you make a real difficult game once a year, which you can develop in a much slower planning? Eg. The Carmel Games Super Special game, in which you put as much ideas and weird things and vague comments of us, your fans?
    If you make the game longer, a save option would be helpful 🙂
    But these are all wishes, I like your games just how they are!

    • Carmel Games

      That’s a nice idea 🙂

  • grayce

    is there anyway i can become a voice actor?

    • Carmel Games

      Yes. Please contact us using the contact form so we will give you all the details. Thanks!

      • grayce

        i am so sorry i havent sent it yet i have literately had the busiest week of my life because i have been on spring break. but i will send it either later today or tomorrow. (:

        • Carmel Games

          Take your time 🙂

  • thanks so will the next game will be comming in april

    • Carmel Games


      • Lavnish Gupta


  • rjhk


  • Ashish

    Please use my name in your next games as a hero or other characters but not villian

  • wow i love your new game into the wild i am asking u a thing (plz dont mind) can u make games longer i mean u never ever put my name in any of your games u know i am now a little bored of your games i mean not to hurt u but plz any of your games u can put my name i beg u then i will be the most happeist girl in the whole world please ( ps. your games are amazing plz put my name in your any upcoming games how about in ray and cooper 2 detective a female character jannat who goes to visit to finsih this mystery what u think plz replay

  • Daniel Shahar

    Put the name Xerxes, it’ll be hilarious

  • what now

  • That’s great that you answered a lot of questions 🙂 I’m waiting for the next game ^_^

  • hi can you help me please? i don’t now the name of one game there is a cat who runs away and the old granny gous to find him

  • carmel games can you please kindly tell me that where are the hidden carmelo’s in vp 4?

    • Carmel Games

      Here it is (it is more visible in the game)
       photo hc.jpg

      • Mr. Moose

        great game i found all 6 spent $9 but for some reason it said i took 13 minutes

      • edz

        i only find 5 of them

  • Chloe

    can u put my name in one of ur games Chloe

  • Weston

    Hello Carmel Games!!! I’ve been playing your games ever since I found out about this website. I’m 12 years old, and I haven’t commented on anything yet. It would mean alot to me if you considered my ideas. I’m not quite sure how to send my ideas. Just get back to me ASAP please!

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Weston, you can send ideas using the contact form.
      It takes us a few days to answer emails, but we will get back at you.

  • I think you can make a game on something like bermuda triangle or the malasyia airlines crash

  • LIOR

    Hi !!! I realy like your games !! But I think children all over the world actually can sit for several hours at the computer and solve a puzzle, the truth is that this is all the fun !! And even if they could not solve it, at least we have the answers in the walkthrough 🙂

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Lior, thank you for your feedback 🙂

  • homs

    HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!….i am having a special request….u are so awesome….why dont u let ur fans know about you? i mean your photo…that will make us believe that ‘ ok they are the heroes behind these awesome ,superb games’…just a stupid wish from one of ur fans.. luv u..

    your fan forever,

  • That awesome!! I will waiting for a new games!!

  • I like your games…maybe i call it Carmel Games Collector…

  • Apr108

    Dear Carmel Games,
    I am making now a Carmel games wikia. When I’ll finish it I’ll send you the link.

    • Apr108

      Well maybe. There are chances that I won’t succeed, but I hope everything will be fine.

    • Carmel Games

      Sounds cool! We are really looking forward to see it 🙂

      • Apr108

        I’ll start my work soon!

  • can u put my name in a game please it would mean a super duper lot my name is savannah if u do thank u so very very much

  • reness

    Nice to see the FAQ’s…..

  • Aadhav

    This is my very first comment on this site. I think u can make some games each year. Maybe on 1st of April that is fool’s day you can make a game that is totally a fool(I have many stories for it), on Halloween you can release the spookiest and scariest game of the year and for both Christmas and New Year you can release a fun Christmas game ( I have ideas for all the games).

  • when is your nex weekly upgrade comming

    • Carmel Games


  • eeeeeeeeeee thanks

  • Aadhav

    How can I send my stories to you?

  • is there anyway i can become a voice actor?

    I live in the Philliphines

  • Jasmine

    When is ray and cooper 2 coming?

    • Carmel Games

      We are still working on it, hopefully in about a week and half.

  • Jerry

    Hi Carmel Games!

    I’ve been following the conversations about lenght and complexity of the games. I’m also a big fan of longer games and would like to draw your attention to an important process which does not only help to save the earth but could also be interesting here: RECYCLING!
    This is not an April 1st joke!
    Many movies are releasing a director’s cut and even some classics computer games have been re-released with better graphics or other goodies.

    My proposal: why don’t you take some of your existing games and add additional locations and items and change the plot. The starting point and the end remain the same, only the way to achieve the goal is different. That way you only have to draw half of the necessary graphics while the gameplay is completely new. An item which was useless or even not clickable in the orginal version might become important now and vice versa. I believe that for the players it shouldn’t feel like recycling – I’d find it even more exciting to play a familiar but new game.
    For some reasons I know that there should exist a longer plot for Tom’s Cruise. 🙂
    I could imagine that by adding just a few screens the whole game could instantly get much more complex.
    Of course your sponsors have some rights on the games but they should also be happy to have a “new” game with less effort.
    Well this just a proposal. Would be interested to hear your opinions!


    • Carmel Games

      Hi Jerry,
      We thought about it too actually and Ray and Cooper 2 will be similar to the idea in a way, you’ll see 🙂
      Because we have so much other new ideas for now, we rather work on them then go back.
      For everyone that want’s a complex game, we’re working on something like that, we’ll publish more info in the upcoming weekly update.

  • Jerry

    Hi Moti and Or!

    Thanks for the reply – sounds terrific! I’m thrilled to see the result!

    Take care


  • hrilk

    guys are waiting for ray and cooper 2 . plzz make it fast

  • Aadhav

    Not only Vp games but stories for other games too how can I sand them?

  • edz

    are you creating a new game?

  • ALI

    Carmel games can you do us a favor?
    That you will put some real spooky things in VP5
    I will be very thankfull

  • Ashraf

    Carmel Games can you tell me where are the hidden carmelo’s in into the wild.

  • Donna Mafrici

    Is watermelon’s adventure oe of the games created by you guys before Carmel Games was created?

    • Carmel Games


  • Donna Mafrici


  • Please release a new game quickly… I am bored of all games…… I want a new game NOW! Just like Proposal,,Ticket 4love, Luke,And like cody’s nightmare vacation.. These four games are awesome and i cant even,Just release 20 more games like this.. So i can play them daily, But Before these release vortex point 5. Ok. Byeee Take care

  • when is your next game ?
    please send replay for this comment

  • Joshua

    Your games are amazing. The art and visual effects is amazing.

  • Joshua

    Which is your oldest game and where can I play it?

    • Carmel Games

      You can see it all HERE

  • hi Caramel Games

    Hi im kestryl ill really appreciate it if you use my name in it ,I also have an idea about it how about …
    Ivan and Kestryl (brothers and sisters) are looking for a job when Kestryl goes missing and Ivan has to go to a pub the supermarket two job interviews and their apartment (where she was last seen)

    please take a look at my idea thanks.
    You guys and girls are really awesome ! :3

  • Michelle

    Can I work for you? I wont cost much….just love your games.

  • carmel games how do you make a game

  • Sam

    Just wondering what program do you use to draw your characters and program


  • what is your next games’ name?

    • Carmel Games

      Our next game is The Tale of Carmelot.

  • hi carmel games

    i am muskaan. i really really love your games. it would be really good for me if you would take my name in any of your games .just wanted to ask something when is The Tale Of Carmelot going to come ?
    you all carmel games people rock

    • Carmel Games

      Thank you very much! We hope the game will be ready by the end of next week.

  • hi carmel games,

    is there any chance that my name “laila” can be used in the next game The Tale of Carmelot. and when will that game be out

    thank you

    • Carmel Games

      Unfortunately not, all the characters name are already taken.

  • ok thank you anyway when will it be out then?

  • ok thank you

  • then can u use my name in the next game please and when will ythe game come out the tale of camalot

  • when will the game come out and can my name laila be in the next game please. 😉

  • when will tale of cameralot come
    i cant wait for it to come

  • same alfa

  • so carmel games when will the tale of camalot come out????

    • Carmel Games

      In a few days.

  • like how many can u be more curate please cuz i love ur game i check everyday for them ! so how many day

  • so carmel games can u tell me that which day will the game The Tale Of Camerlot. please

    • Carmel Games

      We don’t know yet. Maybe on Saturday.

      • what other old games do you have not Luke or the proposal i mean like games like where my kitten or watermelon’s adventure

  • ok thx 🙂

  • do you deliver to dubai

  • do you deliver to dubai by any chance

  • hi carmel games,
    i like the game tale of camerlot very much.
    so whats the next your upto???

  • your game snowday was very nice

    • Carmel Games

      Thank you Alfa.

  • i alway sent you emails know you never reply or answer them! 🙁

  • or my comments 🙁

  • hey carmel games i contacted you for being a voice actor and you said to send a demo where can I send you the demo on this website or in your email address and please tell me the lines

  • Fabricio

    About “Q: Can’t you make your games harder?”

    we believe most of you will not sit for 40 minutes in front of the screen trying to solve a game. Also, we don’t think most of you will sit with a pen and paper to write clues like people used to do back in the ’90s.” I usually do a screen grab if I need to remember stuff, or do got to paper.

    As you guys continue to develop and grow, you could develop an strategy to make games harder, meaning, have a normal and a hard version. The hard version could have, ex: more complicated puzzles. Or less obvious clues in the messages. In other words just add a variation on the trigger events. Maybe just 30% of them.

    I think you could develop this approach, say about next year, do one experiment, and try to standardize it.
    You could prepare a puzzle with say, 10 pieces, for the easy/normal, and a puzzle with 20 for the hard version, etc.
    Or you could say, novice to carmel expert, or savvy / experienced hound dog to make the easy/hard concept fun.

    You can try it once and see.

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Fabricio,

      Thank you very much for the detailed idea. It’s an interesting idea, though it will require more work in our part, work that could be put into the games themselves. Nevertheless, we will consider it and maybe we will do it in the future.
      Thanks again!

  • when is crazy dad coming out

    • Carmel Games

      Hi laila,

      Crazy Dad (Sweet Revenge) is out, just in case you didn’t notice 🙂

  • oh thank i did know

  • hi carmel games can you please use my name and when is the new game coming out

  • claira

    vortex point 5 is coming onoctober 13 on…………….HALLOWEEN…………. SPOOKY…………. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • Carmel Games

      *October 31 🙂

  • Šárka

    Can u put my name in a game set in the czech republic its origim

  • Excellent goods from you, man. I have underetand your stuff previous
    too and you are just too wonderful. I actually like what you’ve acquired here, really like what you are saying and the wway in which you say it.
    You make iit enjoyable and youu still care for to keep it wise.
    I can not wait too read much more from you. This iss really a
    tremendous site.

  • Serena Lovatt

    Dear Carmel Games,
    I love your games – I think they’re really funny and well thought out, however in Maplewood Junior High, the protagonist says that global warming is a myth. Regardless of what you might believe, a lot of people play your games that may be influenced by what is said. Please keep these games agenda free so that they remain fun and enjoyable, rather than becoming loosely disguised political messages.
    I look forward to playing the rest of your games,
    Serena Lovatt

    • Carmel Games

      Hello Serena, Our games are meant only to entertain. We don’t have any hidden agendas we are trying to promote, or sponsors who pay us to spread propaganda. Nevertheless, we are happy to see that our games are encouraging a discussion regarding issues which concerns us all.

  • Carlos

    I like how you reply to people and also can we give you ideas of games

  • chirstophor

    can we give u ideas of games that we thing of

    • Carmel Games

      Yes, you can contact us using the contact form.

  • Please can you give me the list of games you introduced

  • karla

    when is the name game

  • Karla

    What date are you going to release the new games

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Karla,
      We hope to release our next game by November 13th.

  • pratham

    hi carmel i hope u will make ur games the best as u r

  • Karla

    When is the new game

    • Carmel Games

      This week Karla 🙂

  • Karla

    I want to play the new games I’m dying to play it

  • SeanStobbart

    Love the site,i was wondering if there will be another Creepo’s Tales game in the future?

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Sean, Creepo will be back with another spooky tale ant the beginning of 2015.

  • musik

    deberían de hacer un juego que sea difícil y que demore mucho tiempo por que por lo general los otros juegos que están acá en carmel no demoran mucho tiempo entonces deberían de hacer tan siquiera un juego largo y difícil una vez al año

  • musik

    should make a game that is difficult and long time delay that usually the other games that are here in carmel not take a long time then they should do so even a long hard game once a year

  • Hey I’m not sure anyone’s ever asked.. But what engine or game maker do you use to make your games?? I love these point n click games.. I’ve done a few Let’s Plays of your games on my channel.. I’m hoping to do all of them eventually!! Thanks and great work!!

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Jennifer! We are using Adobe Flash and Action Script 3 to develop our games.
      We watched some of your videos, we learn a lot from watching other people play our games, thanks!

  • Karla

    What time is the game coming out tomorrow?

  • will have vortex point 6 ?

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