28/07/14 – Plans for August 2014

Hi everybody!
We hope you’ve all enjoyed Sherlock Holmes, we tried something different this time – more talking and a bit less of playing, more like an interactive story.

We started working on our two games for August: Sweet Revenge and Quest for Milkshake.
In Sweet Revenge You’ll be playing CrazyDad:
CrazyDad’s kids are driving him crazy because they keep on asking him for more and more candies. CrazyDad has no choice but to drive the local candy shop out of town. The way to force the candy shop’s owner to shut down his store will not be easy, but it sure will be funny.
Here is the first sketch, drawn by Goran Pesic:


In our second game, Quest for Milkshake, You’ll get to play Rocko, a furry green monster.
Rocko is working at a milkshake shop, but apparently he’s all out of ingredients. How far will he go to make his customers satisfied?

We will soon release a version of Skip Around the World and Sherlock Holmes with translations to other languages.

See you next time 🙂

The Birdcage

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Check out The Birdcage, a new game from the same publisher of Murder Mall. It's a 21 levels game with puzzles, and although it doesn't have any goofy characters, like the those you'd find in our games, it's still pretty nice.

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