28/07/14 – Plans for August 2014

Hi everybody!
We hope you’ve all enjoyed Sherlock Holmes, we tried something different this time – more talking and a bit less of playing, more like an interactive story.

We started working on our two games for August: Sweet Revenge and Quest for Milkshake.
In Sweet Revenge You’ll be playing CrazyDad:
CrazyDad’s kids are driving him crazy because they keep on asking him for more and more candies. CrazyDad has no choice but to drive the local candy shop out of town. The way to force the candy shop’s owner to shut down his store will not be easy, but it sure will be funny.
Here is the first sketch, drawn by Goran Pesic:


In our second game, Quest for Milkshake, You’ll get to play Rocko, a furry green monster.
Rocko is working at a milkshake shop, but apparently he’s all out of ingredients. How far will he go to make his customers satisfied?

We will soon release a version of Skip Around the World and Sherlock Holmes with translations to other languages.

See you next time 🙂

  • First comment! 😀

  • 2nd one! 😉

  • Cool.
    I can’t wait to play.

  • carmelgame lover

    woh 2 weeks no wifi and I miss two games!
    played them just now and absolutely loved them!
    can’t wait for the cute monster game and I really hope skip will come to the Netherlands next (because I live there!)
    keep up the good work guys I’m looking forward to playing more and more of your games
    ps will you start working on another of creepo’s tales?

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Carmelgame lover, we’re glad to have you back!
      Right now we have ideas for two spooky games, but we are not sure if we will develop them under the Creepo brand or start something else.

      • when do you want to release them?

      • can u put my name as a main character or something in one of your new games please i would be sooooooo happy if u would please mabey my name could be one of the kids in craydad please reply
        from one of ur biggest fans amani

      • ML521

        I think it would be great if they were Creepo’s Tales, everyone wants another Creepo game.
        The Sherlock game was awesome!! Loved how he kept saying, “…MURDER!” (dun dun dun!)

  • Wow I will be waiting for this Roco game it seems interesting.

  • 6th comment 🙂

  • when will be the next vortex point game?

    • reem


  • love carmelll

    do you release a game each week???plz respondeee

    • Carmel Games

      We release 2-3 games a month.

  • Fernando

    Great! The next games will be translated to Portuguese?

    I’m waiting Vortex Point 5, I love that xD

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Fernando,

      We try to translate all of our games to as many as possible languages as we can.
      We rely mainly on volunteers so it’s not always easy.

      • ellie

        hey i think i can translate them turkish (i am not sure does a lot of turks play your games but i am playing your all games) and i can translate them

      • Fernando

        Okay, thanks for the reply.
        If you need a volunteer to translate to Portuguese, I’ll be here to help.

  • The CrazyDad game intrigues me. I really want to see just how far that CrazyDad will go to run the candy store out of town. The Roco one, I’m not so intrigued by it, but I want to see it anyway. I can’t wait for these two games. 🙂

  • my birthday is on august

  • paris

    the murderer game will not work what can i do

  • Meghna

    hey Carmel games. I have an idea for quest for milkshake game – You can make players collect the ingredients and then make them cut it the blend it etc. 🙂 it would be fun, can u pls reply ?

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Meghna,

      This will indeed be part of the plot 🙂

      • Meghna

        thanks for replying cg

  • whoa that sounds fun carn’t wait to play those SMILE!!! and can you make the games longer so it will be MORE fun


  • When are you going to release this game?
    I like your games because it has some detective stuffs and I absolutely like it

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Rose,

      This game will be released during August.

      • What date? Because I already played your games a long time ago that is why I always go here to checkif you have any new games. Please release it sooner I am really excited about it. Thank You 🙂 <3

  • JimVideoGamer9

    Hi Or and Moti! When it’s the next Skip Around The World will be ready? Coz i loved it!

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Jim,

      As we said previously, Skip will be taking some break until his next adventure, but don’t worry, as he will return eventually 🙂

  • Tj

    I am looking forward to both games. They sound great so far!

  • carmel games i like crime games so when will your next crime game be? can you make a game that have more than one crime?

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Mero,

      Our next crime solving game will probably be Vortex Point 5 🙂

  • hi carmel i really would like a one of your games be like vortex point 1 because its like a mystery in the end.

    hope you take my idea and pleas reply


  • Sheila

    Can’t waaaiiiitt !!! 😀

  • Sheila

    Carmelgames, how about if you add both good ending and bad ending in the Sweet Revenge game? The good ending is : CrazyDad successfully drive the local candy shop out of that town, and the bad ending is : The owner of the local candy shop way stronger than CrazyDad that he lose and become so depressed because his kids that keep on asking him for more and more candies forever. That way, the players will be attracted and repeat this game to achive the true ending. This game will be more and more interesting right?? 😀

    • Mauve

      This is actually an interesting idea..why not keep multiple endings…and the ones who achieve all the endings, get a bonus scene or something?

      • Carmel Games

        Hi Mauve & Sheila,

        These are interesting ideas. As you may recall we did have some experience in making different plot lines for the same game, mainly by the funny UNDO options.
        We will consider the different endings idea, if not for this game maybe for another one which will come out later on.

        Thank you guys!

  • Christopher Chross

    Dear Carmel Games,

    I love all of your games, but I think I prefer the ones with more playing and less talking most of all. Thanks for all the good work – you guys are blowing up the point and click universe!

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Christopher, thank you for your feedback, we are quite sure you’ll enjoy our upcoming games (with less talk, more play).

      • sorry but i completely disagree with you christopher what exactly like in the games is the talking i have a solution can you carmel games make a part of the game with less talking and another part with more talking?

  • tnx for sherlock holmes and do you now the date when your realaising the game

  • carmel games can you make the players write the reply in the chat in the games? please reply

  • Aadhav

    I really love your games Carmel Games, I’ve played all your games Till Sherlock Holmes(Latest Game). I love your games. I’ve said my friends and cousins about the games and they also love it. And by the way Sweet Revenge’s story is funny. Keep Making Games:)

  • Hi Carmel,
    would you know the exact dates for both upcoming games?
    thank you,

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Meena,

      Not at the moment, sorry. They are too early on their development stages for now.

  • ximena

    woow 🙂 me encantan las buenas noticias!!!!

  • can you release vortex point 5

  • munna

    the game wont work seriously the detective one where some one dies been trying for days no use be great if you’d reply i do know you are very busy trying to reply to every ones but i would love if you could tell me how to play the murderer game smile smile smile smile!!!!!!

    PS l Love CARMEL GAMES HEAPS !!!!!!
    pps would like if you could make a game with dogs in it something like that
    ppps i know lot to answer but I LOVE YOU XOXOXOXXXX

    • Carmel Games

      Hi munna,

      Please try playing the game HERE.

  • ioanna

    where skip goes that time? tel me greece tel me greece

  • aanchal

    hi carmel games
    i remember commenting about a game named “Quest for milk”
    did you get the idea of Quest for milkshake from it?
    please reply!!!!

  • James

    Hi, unfortunately I was underwhelmed by this games. More talk and less play is perhaps for another game developer. Your previous efforts have been fantastic but this game was nowhere near as fun as others. Where were the trick pictures that needed piecing together or other riddles?

    I’d like to see where Dakota Winchester has got to. Surely he could get into some great adventures.

  • Mauve

    Looks like it’s gonna be an interesting month 🙂 Both of the games are related to food, so I’m already being restless for them to release~ 😛 The sketch is cool as always, I love it how you keep the graphics cartoony yet realistic.
    One question though: When will you be releasing the next Skip game and where will he go next??
    P.S.- Everyone here keeps asking the same thing again and again(including me :P). Why don’t you do another FAQ update soon?

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Mauve,

      Thank you very much for the compliments, we do work hard on these graphics.
      There is still no known date for when will the next Skip game come out, nor it is known where he will go. The game took a lot of work and time so we’re giving it a long break until the sequel.
      A FAQ update is a very good idea actually, we will try to take care of it this week, thanks 🙂

  • can u put my name as a main character or something in one of your new games please i would be sooooooo happy if u would please mabey my name could be one of the kids in craydad please reply
    from one of ur biggest fans amani ( please reply u never reply to my messages soooo plz reply u do it to other please expect me sooooo plz reply txs)

    • Carmel Games

      Hi amani,

      Please put your name in our NAMES WIZARD to get your name in a game.

  • when will this game come ?

    • Carmel Games

      During August 🙂

  • edz

    when will it be released?

  • hey you again stole my name and i am not going to forgive you this time

    • calm down munna your not the only person in the world with that name

  • hi carmel games

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Vishva 🙂

  • i’m from india

  • Tathagata

    When is the next update?

  • Tathagata

    Hey, can I become a voice artist. If so, how?

  • jason

    pls start working on dakota winshesters adventure 2

    • Carmel Games

      We will soon start to work on Dakota 2 story. Our plan is to release Dakota 2 during September-October.

  • hi carmel games please look at wizards names for me thxs (for my name)

    • paris

      hey amani are u a girl sorry if i did call you a boy im munna not the mean and thinks he so great munna well thanks for sticking up for me you sound really nice and what you said about munna thinking hes the only one with that name so can you help and tell carmel that munna is being mean to me thats if carmel replies to one of us haha

  • johny1254

    some of the people have forgot about some games like Dakota Winchester’s Adventures and Haunted House Tours

    • Tathagata

      Nobody can ever forget those games, they are like legends in the point and click games

  • Please make some games in Czech language, plese, please,please.

    • Carmel Games

      We will release a Czech version of Sherlock Holmes tomorrow.

      • Thanks for czech version

  • i loved the games Sherlock homes.i appreciate how interesting games you come with….. 🙂
    i have told my friends about this games and they play it a lot…
    me and my brother plays carmel games a lot… 🙂

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Varalika, we are happy to hear you and your brother enjoys our games and hope you’ll continue to enjoy it in the future 🙂

  • where is the weekly update for today
    😐 :p

    • Carmel Games

      We will publish it tomorrow.

      • thanks for replying carmel games (you guys are awsome)
        your biggest fan

        lala 🙂

  • Grisel_bti

    Hello carmel!!
    I love your games and I am a big fan! I chek your website weekly for more games and I am always super exited when a new game is released. However, can I give you a small critique?
    The endings… In my opinion, they are kind of dissapointing, for example (spoiler alert) in skip around the world, what was that bear at the end? I mean I enjoy all of your games throughout but the endings of almost all them are kind of like… really???? In my opinion you should put a little more thought in it so the game can be a full fun experience, that is all. Please don´t be mad at me! I love you guys!!

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Grisel_bti, thank you very much for your feedback.
      We will try to put more efforts to create better endings, you will be able to see it in our upcoming games (Sweet revenge and The quest for milkshake).

  • Michael Pineda

    I’m sorry I was gone for a while. I’ve been having troubles paying my bills but now I am back to support all of you and hopefully more. Thank you so much for your games.

  • hey carmel games m a big fan of yours from 8th and now m 10 it as happened for 2 years i have been very xecited when new games come so i was thinking can i give you a idea for a game whos story i made but dilaouges and ext thinsg you did can it happen ? please


  • munna

    hey munna you havent yet guessed my name and i dont evan know you so i dont really care if you forgive e or not and DONT TELL ON ME xoxoxoxoxoox :*

    you are being really rude to me one if i did have the same name as you what would happen the hah

    anyway dont tell me what to do carmel hsnt yet said anything about borrowing someones name if they did i probably would stop so stop bothering me because i dont care (sorry if this sound mean)

  • munna

    im so so so so sorry but seriously please guess my name

    • Munna

      Is it Amani?


  • Why did you stop to do games in Hebrew too

    • Carmel Games

      Hi leeyam,

      We didn’t, we still translate all our game into other languages, including Hebrew. It just that the translated version come out later than the English versions because they take longer to make.
      You can see that both of our last games, Skip Around the World and Sherlock Holmes, now have Hebrew translations.

  • Aleksandra

    Hi, I think I might be able to translate some of your games and it would be Polish. 🙂

  • munna

    is that a girls name no its wrong and omg munna why do you care im only 11 and your probably like 8 and i know way more im sure im not gonna go and hack your account so just guess and im not indian like you im german lol so just guess my name sorry if i hurt you in any way lol lol lol

  • hi carmel games
    can my name laila be in one of your games please please please please im begging i dnt care who got my name but just please
    thank you

    deep regards laila

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Laila, we will use your name in the future.

  • maybe can my name be in that guy in the green

  • can please tell me if my name will be in any games on my ister email

    thank you very much

    deep regards, laila

  • Please can you tell when are you going to release Dakota Winchester’s Adventures part 2?

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Husain,

      Dakota Winchester’s Adventures is currently only being written, so there’s still time until when he will be released.

  • dear carmel

    can you please inform me when you use my name in a game and can you infrom me on my sister email thank you

    from laila

  • i am playing quest for milkshake rite now!!!!!! its awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • umm carmelo !!! im stuck in the game with a stick and a jar in the game quest for milkshake pls help i have no idea to do anything im only nine years old!!!!

    • pls reply

    • Carmel Games

      Use the wooden stick to get the banana from the banana tree.

  • Connie

    how do you get chocolate syrup?? Or at least how do you get the mud monster to go away?? Plz reply soon, im getting annoyed at the game

    • Give the rubber duck to the mud monster, then use the glass on the mud.

  • Connie

    btw I can’t access any of the walkthrough videos

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