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It’s Saturday night and Shawn isn’t having any special plans until he sees a gorgeous girl at Frosty Brew. Now help Shawn ask her our for a date!

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  • Maanasa

    Its a nice game you should make part 2 of this !!!!!

    • Kyleigh

      yes they should!!

  • hey why dont you make part 2 of this cuz’ i finished this in 3:25

  • Good – I really should undoubtedly say I

  • Carmel Games

    Maybe we’ll do a part 2 sometime in the future.

    • pranamika

      there should be a part 2.

  • anonymus

    What the hell is a gigawatt

    – Marty McFly

    • Carmel Games

      We are a huge fans of Back to the future, it’s absolutely brilliant!

      • I_RULE

        Then you should play Jetpack Joyride! There’s an event dedicated to Back to the Future. But hurry, on this date (16 October 2015) there are only 20 days until the event’s over!

  • happy

    I love this game soooooo much…….

  • pranamika

    this gamesis sooo awsome…!

  • ioanna

    I love this game and i do like a part 2 soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please make it!!!!!!!

    • Thank you ioanna, we’ll consider a sequel.

  • I_RULE

    Good game, really liked the ending!

    By the way, I just saw a parody for Vortex Point in the related section! It was called Vortex Point Junior – 1.

    • Thanks!
      And VPJ is no parody, it’s just a different game genre.

  • footloop80


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