A lot of sketches!

Hi everybody!
A huge thanks to those of you who commented on our latest post and shared their ideas. We will reply to each of your suggestions later on.
We hope you’ve enjoyed The Ritual 1+2. Gideon and Joe won’t be dealing with black magic again anytime soon.
Here are some sketches from our upcoming games:
In Mad Head you’ll need to keep the Doc awake using coffee & cookies so he’ll be able to finish his work on a mysterious machine:

In Pizza Quest the king’s new chef will have to bake his boss a pizza with mushrooms (or else he’ll find himself in the pit!)

We’re also almost done with our version for the board game Clue, which will be released in the beginning of next week:

A bit more about project H17

The first sketch for H17’s host room is ready. We’ll try a few more coloring techniques to see which one will be the best, but so far it looks pretty good.

The host’s character is in it too, but we’re still not sure about his looks.
Maybe it was a mistake to create a “normal” everyday human character and instead we should work on something more memorable.
We’ll take some time to think it through properly, because the host is literally the face of the project!

That’s all for today, have a great weekend!

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