And the winner is…

There were 43 submissions overall and it took us quite a while to read them all and decide.
We received some good ideas which are worth developing and maybe even turning them into a typical point-n-click, with an inventory.
So, without further ado – the winner is… Jeffrey Driver from the UK!

Jeffrey sent us a story about a news reporter who investigates some strange occurrences and disappearances at a large country mansion located in North Wales. The synopsis was well described and some of the puzzles too.
There was also a map attached, with all of the game’s locations (it’s a big mansion, with a boat house, secret chambers, a chapel, crypts and more).

So congratulations Jeffrey, and many thanks to those of you who took their time to write great games. Unfortunately, at the moment, we can only give away one prize, but we hope to be able to have more prizes in future contests.

Other than that – Last week we shared our thoughts with you about the $1500 game. After doing some thinking, Creepo was selected to host this creepy comical-horror game.
In this game, there’s a serial killer on the loose, and for some reason the police is convinced it’s you.
You’ll need to prove you’re innocent. There will be a nice twist in the end.

We’re also working on Faraday’s Flaw. 30% is done so far and it’s not that we’re being lazy! We just had a lot of things to do 🙂

That’s all for today, have a magical day!

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