And the winner is…

There were 43 submissions overall and it took us quite a while to read them all and decide.
We received some good ideas which are worth developing and maybe even turning them into a typical point-n-click, with an inventory.
So, without further ado – the winner is… Jeffrey Driver from the UK!

Jeffrey sent us a story about a news reporter who investigates some strange occurrences and disappearances at a large country mansion located in North Wales. The synopsis was well described and some of the puzzles too.
There was also a map attached, with all of the game’s locations (it’s a big mansion, with a boat house, secret chambers, a chapel, crypts and more).

So congratulations Jeffrey, and many thanks to those of you who took their time to write great games. Unfortunately, at the moment, we can only give away one prize, but we hope to be able to have more prizes in future contests.

Other than that – Last week we shared our thoughts with you about the $1500 game. After doing some thinking, Creepo was selected to host this creepy comical-horror game.
In this game, there’s a serial killer on the loose, and for some reason the police is convinced it’s you.
You’ll need to prove you’re innocent. There will be a nice twist in the end.

We’re also working on Faraday’s Flaw. 30% is done so far and it’s not that we’re being lazy! We just had a lot of things to do 🙂

That’s all for today, have a magical day!

  • andrea

    Congratulations to the winner! 😀 I hope that you guys will be able to use all the ideas to create new games with the partecipations of us all! 😀 It would be an honor to cooperate in the realisation of a game! 😉 Again congratulations to the winner! XD

    • Thank you Andrea! There were lots of great ideas in each submission 🙂

  • Muaviah Mapara

    congratulations Jeffrey!!!!

  • Muaviah Mapara

    although i did not win it was a pleasure to participate in the contest.

    • Thank you for taking part in our contest 🙂

  • DaGeniusGamer 360


  • congratulations to the winner. it was a fun contest 🙂 can’t wait for the next one.

    • Thank you for you fantastic entry! We really enjoyed reading it.
      Unfortunately we had to choose only one winner… Maybe next time 🙂

  • Ainin

    Congratulations to the winner, Jeffrey!! Even though I didn’t win, it’s fun and I enjoyed participated in the contest.. I can’t wait for the other contest..

    • Thank you for taking part!
      We hope to have another contest soon 🙂

  • Maryam

    cant u work on skip to the world : Pakistan i can provide u with all the info and research as i am a citizen of Pakistan and also know its national language Urdu also there are many interesting monuments in Pakistan like shahlimar gardens , faisal mosque ,Pakistan monument, minar-e-pakistan , wazir khan mosque, lahore fort etc

    • Tom

      This could be cool, I would love for them to suggest a country and get the people here that live in the country to provide ideas for it.

      • Maryam

        i know i can provide them with every single info

        • Muaviah Mapara

          well even i can do that bcz iam pakistani too

          • Maryam

            great now they have two helpers

    • I wish we could.
      We’re stuck on the mobile project for far too long (plus there’s Faraday’s Flaw which we’re working on), so we can’t start another big project at the moment.

      • Maryam

        well alright 🙁 but just give it a thought in the future

  • HerpingtonVanDerpstra

    I just want to say how cool it is to see such good sports and positive attitudes here. You are all winners as far as I am concerned!

    • You’re absolutely right 🙂

  • Tom

    Congratulations and that map is amazing.

  • Gabby Gellerman

    it was a well deserved win.. He definately earned it! Way to go!!!

  • VIP

    Whoa! This is someting amazing….waiting for Creepo’s next tale! Hope to see Faraday’s Flaw soon. Best wishes.

  • Maryam

    let me tell u guys something stay to ur roots u started from computer games so stay there cause ur good at it computer games r much more fun than mobile ones

    • Muaviah Mapara

      don’t be so rude! if they want to expand their work they have their right! and point and click games are very fun to play in mobiles and tabs.

      • Maryam

        i am not being rude i am just telling that i have seen many gaming websites and designers collapse due to not staying to there roots i can even give examples also i am not saying that it is not fun to play on the phone i am just saying it more fun on the computer and many people cant play on phones but can play on computers

        • Muaviah Mapara

          well the way u said it was quite rude,u could say the same thing in a good way

  • Jeffrey Driver

    Well, thank you to Carmel Games, and a massive thank you to everyone else for their positive comments. I hope that you all enjoy the game when it finally comes out!

    • Muaviah Mapara


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