Another Weekly Update

Hi everybody!
We read your comments and emails regarding our mall-game idea, and we’ve come up with 3 alternatives.
Check them out and let us know which one is your favorite (and if you think it’s a good story for a crazy game!)

Option 1 – Murder Mall

There’s a wanted serial killer inside the mall, your goal is to reveal his hideout and save the day.


You find the killer at the end and call the police: “I see him, the killer is right in front of me!” – The police informs you that they’ve already caught and killed the killer, but his body is missing… SPOOKY!


Option 2 – Love Mall

There’s a beautiful girl who works at the new burger joint, which heart’s you must conquer: “Give me your heart, please!” –
“I will, but only if you buy me a diamond ring!” –
Your goal is obviously getting a diamond ring.


You give a diamond ring to the girl. “Now may I have your heart?” – “Of course you can!” –
The guy literally pulls the heart out of the girl from her chest… And they both lived happily ever after!


Option 3 – Phantom of the Mall

There’s a rumor about a phantom, or maybe just a sick twisted man, living inside the mall basement.
Your goal is finding out whether the tale is real or not.


There really is a sick twisted man who lives inside the basement, but you can’t see him. He asks for a basketball. Once you give him what he asked for, he reveals himself, at which point you see a man with a basketball instead of a head!


We’ll soon finish working on our new hint system, which will be available in our upcoming mobile game (and hopefully many more mobile games to come). Yeah, we know, it doesn’t look very impressive at the moment, but we’re on it 🙂

That’s all for today, have a great day!

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