Another weekly update

Hi everybody!
We’re here with another update about what’s going on.
First things first: We released Love Burger with translations to Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hebrew and Turkish!
Special thanks go to our great translators: Ghislaine Puig, Pedro Rocha and Örsel Sanı.
You can go play it HERE or HERE (and while you’re at it, don’t forget to give us five stars!)

And now we’re back with Luke:
Things are really starting to take shape. We are working on the animation parts of the game.
We don’t want to reveal too much so we won’t ruin your game experience, but on the other hand, it’s a REMAKE, so you basically know a lot already 🙂

Though the game’s script is mostly ready and so are some of the game’s animations, we still have a lot of work with the game’s backgrounds. We want to pay close attention to all the small details, but inevitably it requires more time.
Below you can see the “Sugar and Rainbows” candy shop. The structure is ready, but the shelves are empty, we still need to fill this shop with lot’s of goodies.
candy shop

Tell us about your favorite candies and we’ll might put them in (our favorites are Reese’s and Bounty).

Photos by Andy Melton and theimpulsivebuy

That is all for today, have a magical day!

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