Babysitting Fun

Anthony’s father is an explorer. Tonight, while Anthony’s parents are away, it’s Anthony’s chance to snoop around and find some hidden treasures.

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Video Walkthrough

  • Fast walkthrough 🙂

  • Faruk

    Great game!

  • Jakub Staszewski

    The music in the background – it reminds me something. Please, tell what is it or by what was inspired?

    • Master of the Feast by Kevin MacLeod.

  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough
  • Sweet Lolita

    Loved it! <3 It wasn't that hard but neither that easy, I had a few troubles trying to figure out what to do, but heeey, I feel like it could be a bit better, idk it felt like it was made on the rush, but a new game is always good so i don't really mind .w.

    • Thank you for your feedback.

  • Колобаев Семён


  • Creed Sworld

    best 23:44 of time I spent all week.

  • John Jones

    I liked this one quite a bit. I’m cool with the idea that a clever 10-12 year old would end up wrecking the house search for treasure. It fits that Anthony comes off as having the explorer bug like his Dad, which is why Dad wasn’t as angry as Mom. I liked Anthony. Good with immediate problem solving, not so good with long term consequences. Hey, he did help get rid of the bad luck gold. The parents will be spending on the contractor to repair all the damage.

    • Thank you very much John, glad to hear you liked this one 🙂

  • Hayden

    link isn’t working for me. i cant play it on mousecity at all.

    • Try again at a later time and if it still doesn’t work we will be releasing globally within 1-2 weeks.

  • DragonLionFS

    I completed the game… By identifing the marked spot in the kitchen before I got the crowbar and then forgetting I had a crowbar. I “called” about 6 people until I reached Claire which gave me the first three numbers. So, I kinda skiped/cheated. It’s ok, though, I replayed it afterwards. I think this was the first one of your games at which I didn’t watch a walkthough. It isn’t your fault though, I generally don’t see what is right in front of me. Either I say “this can’t be it, it’s too easy” or I search every little corner but don’t see the big picture. Nonetheless, I really enjoy your games. Keep doing it and have a nice day.

  • You guys should also upload the link to SnapBreak Games . Mousecity bugs a lot for some reason .

    • Snapbreak is not really active lately, we will see.

  • Jeroen Wapenaar

    Great game, funny…did not understand one thing: the numbers are written under Fax number. In Holland, when you ring a Fax number, you only get a very annoying peep (same all over the world I guess). Phone number boxes are empty. Mistake or did I miss a clue? 🙂

    • You are correct, we’ll try to have it fixed for the final version. Thanks Jeroen!

  • lidya

    i dont have any problem with carmel games because the stories r really interesting

  • cgfan

    why aren’t u making any game in hindi also?

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