Black screen issue solved!

Hi everybody!
We’re happy to say that the black screen issue we had with some of our games is no more!
You’re all welcome to visit Kongregate or Newgrounds and play these games (links below).
At the moment, we are running final tests for Murder mall, and if all goes well we will release the game at the beginning of next week.
That’s all for today, have a great day! 🙂

List of games

Babysitting Fun
Camp Phantom
Carlos and the Dark Order Mystery
Carlos and the Murder Farm
Crazy Christmas
Crazy Vacation
Escape Inc
Greetings from Potato Island
Hermine’s Ghost Town Adventure
Mad Head
Make Me Laugh
Midnight Cinema
Pizza Quest
Quest for Éclair
Quest for Pancake
Saucy Devil Gordon 2
Save the Clock Tower
Sherlock Has a Clue
The Magical Forest
The Ritual
The Ritual 2
The Shadow Realms Arcade
Vortex Point 8

Word Is Right

More games…

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