Cody’s Nightmare Vacation – Walkthrough

Talk to the information lady and give her your Flight ticket.

Click on the Map.
Go to the pub. Enter the dark alley. Click the garbage cover, you will find Cement.
Leave the alley and enter the pub. Leave the Pub and go right to get back to the map.
Go downtown (below the MouseCity sign).
Enter the cake store. Click on the Wedding cake to buy it. Leave the cake store and go right to get back to the map.
Go to the wedding chapel.
Enter the chapel. Give the Wedding cake to Charlene. Leave the wedding chapel.
Go back downtown and this time enter the pharmacy (Black Market Meds). Click on the blue box with the yellow star to get Laxatives. You will get a Key card. Leave downtown.
Go back inside the wedding chapel.
Use the Laxatives on the Wedding cake. Leave the wedding chapel and get back to the map.
Go to the Punko’s hotel (on the bottom left).
Enter the hotel. Get inside the elevator and go to the dining room on the 3rd floor. Take the Kitchen Knife. Go back inside the elevator and go to the spa on the 2nd floor. Take a Towel. Leave the hotel through the lobby on the 1st floor.
Go back inside the wedding chapel.
Use the Knife on the Wedding cake, you will get a Piece of cake. Give the Piece of cake to Father Drunko, he will leave. Click under the table to take a closer look. The real reverend will give you a Key. Leave the wedding chapel.
Go back to the elevator at the hotel.
Use the Key on the keyhole on the bottom left, you will get to the hotel’s basement floor. Use the Towel on the wheel to open the filter’s container. Use the Cement on the the container to pour it inside.
Go back to the spa.
Go right. The water will turn into cement. Click Punko’s backpack to get a Note.
Go back into the elevator and go to the 10th floor.
Use the Key card on Room #3 to get in. Click the hearts painting above the bed to remove it and reveal a secret safe. Click on your note to see a 4 digits code. Click on the safe and enter that code. Leave the hotel and get back to the map.
Go to the airport.

You’re Done!

  • mia

    this game is so fun, plz do more carmel games

  • mia

    This game is so fun, plz make more

    • Carmel Games

      That’s what we are doing 🙂

  • Sometimes I Comment on Things

    Hey so I was just wondering why does every single game involve one of the characters getting kidnapped and elaborately tied up.

    • Carmel Games

      Yes, We really should stop doing it…

  • excellent game but mouse is a poor partner plz choose another one

    • I Think they’ve chosen snap break instead

    • Carmel Games

      We’re working with MouseCity, SnapBreak and few others.
      MouseCity Helps us a lot and we’re very grateful for it.

    • I like mouse city

  • cool games , hope you bring more excitement for us!

  • Great game and I got out, but how do you get the gas leak medal on Newgrounds?

    • Carmel Games

      Give the piece of cake to the receptionist at the hotel.

  • alexa

    I love your games

  • naomi

    why are you undergoing beautification?

  • I love the game. Keep working with mouse city

  • zainab

    Thank You For Helping Me!!! 🙂

  • anonymus

    I love the part where water turns to cement! Also please do more games with elevators, but stop putting mathematical and recipe concepts.

  • arshia

    i liked the game . the lobby lady was disgusting.

  • KT Thornton

    Bit of a drab game.

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