Continuing to work on Luke

Hi everybody!
It’s a busy week for us here. We started building Luke Deluxe’s game file and while doing so we noticed that we still have a lot more work then we expected.
The first version of our games is always used for tests, so we’re using a semi-ready graphic, which will be replaced in the final version.
Luke preview

Luke preview

We’re also checking out other colors for Luke’s clothes.
The final version, with shading, will be more impressive.
Luke preview

While putting together all the game’s graphics into a file which will be coded we also write the game’s transcript.
This is the stage in which we add silly jokes and funny signs inside the game, for instance, you’ll find a “Parking for drive-through customers only!” sign inside the burger joint (which we called “BellyMakers”).
If you have any funny ideas for signs at the other game’s locations (hotel, pub, candy shop, wedding outlet and swimming pool) you can share it with us in the comments section below.

Luke preview

We better get back to work, there’s still a lot more to be done!

Have a great day!

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