CrazyDad 4: Cinema Madness

Crazy Dad wants to enjoy a relaxing evening at the movie theater, but unfortunately everyone inside the theater is being rude and noisy. Will Crazy Dad find a way to make everyone quiet?

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  • Aura

    Nice and interesting game 🙂

  • nice game. pretty easy.

    • Thanks Uri, it looks like many others did not agree with you regarding the difficulty…

      • PsilocinTHC

        The only ‘disagreement’ I’ve seen is in regards to the pointless mini-game. It was as straight forward as the last game otherwise.

        • We’ve fixed the minigame.

  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough

    See walkthrough here:

  • Irenne

    I’m stuck in the nuts game. I don’t know why but when I play it the game starts to go slow, and the grapple-thing Crazydad uses to get the nuts goes at 1/2 of his intended speed, making it impossible to win. I use Firefox, by the way.
    It was a great game, but I can’t continue playing!

    • Simo Angelov

      Try Google Chrome. I went nutty trying to collect those nuts for half an hour. After that puzzle I understand why Crazy Dad went crazy 😀

    • Hi Irenne,
      Guess we did not take slower computers/browsers into account 😛
      But we’ve now added 30 more seconds to the minigame and also a skip button if that isn’t enough.

  • Beth

    I have been a fan of carmelgames for longer than I can remember – I love their games because they’re just complicated enough to make them challenging without being impossible. But I couldn’t even finish this game because of the nuts puzzle. Most of the walkthroughs I’ve seen are roughly five-six minutes long – I tried for almost half an hour before calling it quits.

    Maybe that type of puzzle is entertaining to some people, but personally? All I have to show for it is a major headache and literal tears of frustration.

    • Chizim Ogbonna

      i agree. i;ve been stuck for an hour plus.

      • Sorry about that Beth (and Chizim).
        We’ve added 30 more seconds to make the game easier and also a skip button for those that’s it’s simply impossible to complete.

  • Umta-ta

    oh dear. i was so looking forward to this game. however, this nuts game is horrible. especially since at every attempt the amount of nuts one has to get increases! totally annoying. i throw the towel. at the very least, you could double the time you allow for collecting the nuts.

    • Hi Umta,
      1. We’ve added 30 more seconds to make the game easier.
      2. We’ve added a skip button in case the extra time isn’t enough.
      3. The amount of nuts does not increase (nor decreases), it’s constant. What changes is the weight the nuts, but so is the weight that you need to collect. The bigger the nuts the bigger the weight needed and vise versa. We can promise that the difficulty is almost exactly the same in each round.

      • Umta-ta

        thank you so much. those nuts really spoilt the fun ^_^

  • Sairah Qamar

    loved it . Actually I like all the CARMEL games . They are just amazing and fun to play . And I wait eagerly for the next game to launch

  • snowleaf

    nice short game 🙂 however i also ran into the problem mentioned by the others – then nut game was very laggy, such that retrieval of one nut could take up to 10 seconds (strangely the timer doesn’t lag O_O). this was remedied by reducing the number of tabs i had open on chrome, but it still was rather jerky. just some feedback, but still a lovely game! 🙂

    • Thank you for the feedback snow, we’ve made the game easier due to the feedback we’ve got from you and other players. Glad to hear you managed to beat it regardless 🙂

  • Evangeline Carter

    Amazing game! Rather short again, but the nuts game did make it longer. Just like most other people, I agree that it was laggy but not enough to make a large difference to the game. Thank you so much for another incredible game!

  • Noreen M.

    I did not enjoy the nuts game at all. I tried many times and I could not get it (therefore I could not finish the game). Usually I love carmelgames. But this game was not fun.

  • Chris

    For those having trouble with the nuts game, I just played Crazy Dad on, and it worked better. There’s a button you can click to skip the game. I’ve had trouble with Mousecity before.

    • Noreen M.

      Thank you!!

      • Thank you for mentioning it Chris, we did add a skip button (and more time) to both and too by now.

    • Evangeline Carter

      Thanks Chris!

  • Irenne

    Tried again today, and the nuts game worked fine. Still don’t know why it was so laggy yesterday.
    Without the nuts problem, the game was awesome! Funny plot, great graphycs… 😀
    Oh, and anyway, mr. Crazydad, in my school we have blue soap 🙂

    • Happy to hear you tried again Irenne, and even happier to know it worked as expected this time 😀

  • Fast walkthrough ^_^

  • Umta-ta

    yay i did it!
    fun game

  • Sakshi Sethi

    it was really a nice game!!!

  • Deanrha

    i love crazy dad series!

  • gloria jackson


  • kksiddharth

    I love your games! This was the best of Crazy Dad.

    • Thanks!

      • kksiddharth

        Whats your next decision ’bout Crazy Dad 5???

        • We don’t know yet, there’s still time.

  • love carmel games teddy

    you all are fantastic…………………

  • Shivani

    Funny game!!

    • Glad you liked it Shivani!

  • Sakshi

    Hahahaha…!!! The ending was hilarious….Great work Carmel games…..!!!

  • Juninho Gozzer

    WHAT cade square crazydad that this round

  • Quirkymender09

    so uh id just like to say that you should post your games to play on this website

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