Creepo’s Tales

Mr. Creepo has a story to tell you about some weird things happening in the local shopping mall. Or was it the Chopping Mall…?

Click here to play!

  • such a cool game ….keep it up ……….!

  • Absolutely great game keep making them!!!

  • Donna Mafrici

    I LOVED this game, Was wondering if you could make more creepo’s tales.

  • kevin

    is there any part 2 of this game when it is coming

  • Tanya


    • Carmel Games

      Creepo will be back someday… We just don’t know when.

  • you are making very good gamesssssssssss

  • when will next creepo tale will realease

    • Carmel Games

      Hi dhananjay,

      We don’t know yet :\, we will update when there’s more information.

  • plz can you release a second part of creepo’s tales plz

    • Carmel Games

      Hi huda,

      Creepo’s Tales 2 will be released during next year, that’s a promise!

  • Femke

    your games are sooooo cool!
    I’m a Dutch girl and Dutch games suck, you’re games are so mutch funnier!
    I was wondering……
    could you use the name Femke somtime? (typicall dutch girls name)

  • pranamika

    i am still wondering how a big pumkin and a groom is kepy into the pocket…?!

  • tvrggvbb

    superb game………….

  • Selena

    OMG I haven’t listened to the sound until now. Creepo’s voice fits him so well….the girl voice was hilarious to listen to! XD

  • Mukta Roy

    jjuusst faaabulous !!!! KEEP IT UP!!!

    • Thank you! And we will 🙂

  • Sarah Blommaert

    The code at the wax museum (5101) doesn’t work

    • Hi Sarah,
      The full code is 51011. I agree it’s not clear in the walkthrough.

      • Sarah Blommaert


  • footloop80

    WOW i never knew we were delicious keep up the good work carmel

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