Do you like cereals?

Hi everybody!
So, do you like cereal? I sure do! It’s sweet, it’s crunchy and the art on the boxes can be awesome.
I remember the first time I saw Cap’n Crunch, in 1991. The box had a game on the back and I drove my parents crazy because I just had to get this drawing!
It was a set of 3 drawings, one for each flavor, all made by Terry Sirrell whom his style I really like:

As much as I loved the peanut butter crunch, my favorite cereal has always been Ricicles.

I really hate what they’ve done with Captain Rik in today’s version, he used to be much cooler back in the ’90s.

But the thing I really wanted back then, was one of those monster cereals which I only got to see in the Sesame Street books.
Grover sleeps over

Unfortunately, there are no monster cereals in Israel, so I never had the chance to get one of these boxes.
Now why am I telling you all of this you may ask, rightfully so.
Well, like we said, the Flash games business is going slow these days, so while working on our other projects (H17 + games for mobile), I decided adding another project to work on – designing T-shirts!
T-shirts with fake monster cereals’ mascots! So far there are 3 designs that I’m working on and I’m sure you’d love them (and maybe even buy one for yourself!)
Share your favorite cereal brand with me and if you have something which is unique to your country upload a photo also!

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