February is Just Around the Corner…

Hi everybody!
February is just around the corner, which means that our deadline for High School Adventure’s release is close. VERY CLOSE.
We are not used to be working for so long on a single game (and it isn’t even a full length game!), but once we release it, we’ll be able to focus on greater future projects.
We did not forget about Faraday’s Flaw – We’ll continue working on it after HSA is released.
In the meantime, here is another set of backgrounds from Murder Mall (above you can see two victims of the mall murderer):

We’re already done with 19 backgrounds, only 4 more to go (They’re not really 100% done, we’ll still need to add some small details to each background, but they’re good enough for us to get the actual work started).
That’s all for today, have a magical day! 🙂

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