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Hi everybody!
Today we’ve got some cool new characters to show you, all are from Faraday’s Flaw, which we’re working on (among other things):

Other than that, we could really use you help with this year’s Halloween game.
The game, which is based upon A Night in Crazyville takes place at a remote island, during a stormy day.
The course of the game has been written, and we’re already after the point in which we could make changes, but we can still change the opening and ending of the game, and feel that we have to do it, because we’re not completely satisfied with what we’ve got at the moment.
So if you want to read it, just click below to reveal it (Spoiler).

Option 1

Jason (the player) is on vacation with his girlfriend, and she really wants pizza. Your goal is to get a pizza! **{during the game Jason kills/hurts a lot of people}** At the end, we get to see a news flash on TV. It turns out there’s a serial killer on the island. The news anchor elaborates about the recent attacks/murders (those that the player has committed during the game). A psychologist at the news set explains that he recognizes a pattern, he believes that the next victim will die by eating poisoned food. Jason turns off the TV and tell his girlfriend: “That’s crazy. Why won’t you relax and eat the pizza I’ve brought you?”


There’s also a second option we had in mind:

Option 2

Jason (the player) is on vacation with his girlfriend. He wants to watch a ghosts movie, but his girlfriend is too scared. “Don’t worry, there’s no such thing as ghosts!” He says, his girlfriend reluctantly agrees, but she asks to have a pizza first. Your goal is to get a pizza! **{during the game Jason kills/hurts a lot of people}** At the end, Jason and his girlfriend are about to watch the movie. Suddenly the lights go out. All the ghosts of the people who were killed by Jason appear. They are in for revenge. His girlfriend says “Now that’s a good ghost movie!”


We’re open for any suggestion you have so don’t be shy. Our goal is to make this game both spooky and funny.

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That’s all for today, have a great day!

  • Rose

    I vote for the first option, it’s very cool and unlike any other ending you guys have done before. Looking forward to the new game! 🙂

  • Krissie

    I like option 1 best, personally.

  • Maryam

    option 2

  • Ashley Baez

    I like the first option 🙂

  • i personally prefer opinion 1, it sounds really spooky!
    Can’t wait to play the new game! :]

  • Megan Crockett

    The fourth character design from Faraday’s Flaw reminds me of Hoagie from Day of the Tentacle! 🙂 As for the Halloween game ending…hmm, both endings sound good, but I think my favorite is number 1.

  • May Tan

    hahaha both are great.. hm if i have to choose maybe the second one XD

  • Federico Pons

    i think both are great, but i personally prefer the second one.

  • Molly Grace

    I really like option 1 but option 2 could be an idea for a sequel (the ghosts including his recently killed girlfriend come back for revenge)

    • Shirley


  • Oliwer

    Second better.

  • Maurice

    Both sound really good but I slightly like second better so I’d say use both eventually but the second one for the Halloween game. Of course they could be the endings for this year’s and next year’s Halloween games if you want.

  • Cristina Ahí Ta

    Both options are good, but I like better the second one. And I agree with others that if you wanted to, you could create a sequel from that ending.

  • Shirley

    I like option 1

  • DaGeniusGamer 360

    I think option one could have a sequel to it and is more logical then option 2

  • Gabby Gellerman

    love them both, but i agree, option 2 has a better opportunity for a sequel..

  • Mary Alvin

    I like the first 1. Is there a particular one you guys like?

  • Lizzy

    You’re looking to make the 2 Options better correct? Maybe some sort of plot twists at the end which is always fun with halloween related games.

    For example; for Option 1, you can make the ending some sort of puzzle where the girlfriend actually knows what Jason is up to and ends up switching the pizza slices and giving Jason the poisoned one.
    And for Option 2, you can do something where the girlfriend also ends up being a ghost herself the entire time (maybe someone Jason killed in the past and came back to life), and all of the ghosts end up ganging up on Jason.

    • comics1996

      Option 2 is something I would have thought that Carmel would have thought up. Very great ideas Lizzy.

      • Lizzy

        Thank you 🙂 I agree!

  • aviraj

    i think lizzy is correct

    • Lizzy

      Thank you!

  • Cido Marques

    Option 2

  • Silvergirl524

    I like Option 1, but I like Lizzy’s Option 1 even better.

    • Lizzy

      Thanks 🙂 I love plot twists haha.

  • tiny

    option 1

  • lily

    option 1

  • Lívia Dai

    option 1 🙂

  • Sterre Luna Vermeer

    Option one, but he shouldn’t poison the pizza himself (because that would mean someone else poisoned it) or Lizzy’s option 2

  • likahokeith

    I prefer Option 1

  • John Jones

    I like Option 1 with a twist. How about they both get slices of pizza and TV report comes on. While Jason turns it off as “nonsense” his girlfriend sprays his slice with something in a skull/crossbones can while he’s distracted and, as he bites into the poisoned slice says something like “Sweetie, I’m sorry, but I think it’s time for me to see other people…”

  • tanny99

    OPTION 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marc Peters

    The fourth character really looks like a character from Day Of The Tentacles (D.O.T.T.).
    Therefore, I would go for a classic like character four.

    • Tyler

      You’re right, thats Hoagie from DOTT 🙂 Good observation!


    For Haloween option 2 is good.
    something gory

  • Daniyal Mushtaq

    option 2

  • Maryam

    option 2

  • Srijan

    Both Options are good But 1 is better

  • Kelsea Briana Shields

    What would be cool is if you chose a few fans that play your games, a character in some of your games. or make a “Disneyland” version of your game. I would love to be one of your characters in your games.

  • shira

    Anything that Lizzy suggested

  • Cris Without H

    I think the first option is way better.

  • Carmelfan

    This game sounds fun! I prefer Option 1 tho.

  • Molly Nicholson

    Option 1 sounds amazing, go with that one!

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