First Sketch of the VP Map

Hi everybody!
During the last weekend we’ve been searching for the right architectural style and the fitting scenery for the new VP, and so we eventually came across Patrick Nouhailler’s photos, which were taken in northern Norway:


We liked it a lot, and we think it will go well with the town’s redesign.
We also made a rough sketch of Vortex Point, you are welcome to check it out (click the image to view it full size):

The blue houses on the map represent the houses of the permanent residents of Vortex Point, while the houses in purple represent businesses and tourist attractions.
What you can’t see on the map yet, is that VP is surrounded by rocky shores, so the pier is the only safe access point to the island.
On the promenade you’ll be able to find arcade machines, hot dogs and candy stands, as well as the Vortex Pizza (10) from VP1.
Near the VP Lake (24) you’ll find the Vortex Lake Hotel (28) and the souvenir shop (29), both were featured in VP 3.
Not far from there is the VP Swamp, along with its diner (26), the souvenir shop and the cemetery. All three of which were featured in VP 7.

Our next step will be drawing a couple of sketches of the buildings from the map, in different graphic styles, trying to find the right style for the game. If everything goes as planned, we will publish those sketches next week.

You’re welcome to draw your own sketches, or upload photos of buildings and scenery which you think will fit.
Here are a few of photos that got our imagination to start running wild:
These two photos were taken by Leo-setä, in Kjerag, Norway:
Paranormal Police Headquarters?


These photos were taken by Dale Simonson in Nova Scotia:


That is all for today, have a great day!

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