First Sketch of the VP Map

Hi everybody!
During the last weekend we’ve been searching for the right architectural style and the fitting scenery for the new VP, and so we eventually came across Patrick Nouhailler’s photos, which were taken in northern Norway:


We liked it a lot, and we think it will go well with the town’s redesign.
We also made a rough sketch of Vortex Point, you are welcome to check it out (click the image to view it full size):

The blue houses on the map represent the houses of the permanent residents of Vortex Point, while the houses in purple represent businesses and tourist attractions.
What you can’t see on the map yet, is that VP is surrounded by rocky shores, so the pier is the only safe access point to the island.
On the promenade you’ll be able to find arcade machines, hot dogs and candy stands, as well as the Vortex Pizza (10) from VP1.
Near the VP Lake (24) you’ll find the Vortex Lake Hotel (28) and the souvenir shop (29), both were featured in VP 3.
Not far from there is the VP Swamp, along with its diner (26), the souvenir shop and the cemetery. All three of which were featured in VP 7.

Our next step will be drawing a couple of sketches of the buildings from the map, in different graphic styles, trying to find the right style for the game. If everything goes as planned, we will publish those sketches next week.

You’re welcome to draw your own sketches, or upload photos of buildings and scenery which you think will fit.
Here are a few of photos that got our imagination to start running wild:
These two photos were taken by Leo-setä, in Kjerag, Norway:
Paranormal Police Headquarters?


These photos were taken by Dale Simonson in Nova Scotia:


That is all for today, have a great day!

  • Maryam

    really nice map please launch the game fast i cant wait for VP 7 to come i have played all parts of vortex point. i am soo excited for VP 7

    • SauliusFishao

      It’s VP 8 🙂

      • Maryam

        opps sorry just fixed it

    • There’s still some time, VP8 is gonna be a longer than usual game and such a game takes time to develop.

  • SauliusFishao

    Cool map! 2nd comment 🙂

    • Maryam

      are you from the game fishao i used to play that game but now i dont

    • Thanks 😛

  • Mr.Crow

    “Hotel” know its just me and im not saying you are copying anyone (that would be just silly).But eachtime i hear/read the word “hotel” i get Rusty Lake hotel flashbacks.

    • Neither we nor Rusty Lake would be the first to use a Hotel theme for a point and click game 🙂

      • Mr.Crow

        I know.Its just been a thing i been massivly fanning over lately.

  • the mystery of the vortex point map
    everybody will be talking abour the mystery of the unknown turist attraction – number 16, but only a few will notice that number 30 is totaly missing from the legend. sound like a job for the Paranormal Police

    • also, 1 appears twice on the map and 13 is missing. looks like someone is trying to hide something…

      • On the contrary, this one’s a mistake 😛

    • This is intentional, there are still some mysteries 🙂

  • Abdallah Amin

    Great work,really!!

  • Aura

    wow, wonderful places. i’m sure its gonna workout well

  • GeneJacket

    this seems like the longest VP yet, im excited!

    • It will be, you are correct Gene!

  • FlyingPoop

    HUGE map, can’t wait for it. Good luck with the drawings, the photos are really nice. I luv ur games.

  • Cris Without H

    That’s kinda odd. Vortex Point always looked more like Twin Peaks/Alan Wake/Deadly Premonition kinda place.

    • Wait until you’ll see the finished result 😉


    you spelled hot dog stand wrong

    • Yes there was a typo, fixed it, thanks!

  • Maryam

    its a cool map cant wait for VP 8 so excited i have all VP parts.

    • We can’t wait either 🙂

  • angelmm

    cant wait for the game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Miss Swag RebelDreamer

      i know right 🙂

  • Irenne

    Great map (but I want to know what’s the 30!). Vortex Point is getting better every second 🙂
    P.S: Quest for Pancake is third on Kongregate’s monthly contest! Way to go! 😀

  • John Jones

    I notice that there is nothing listed for area 16. May I suggest a school? It could be a high school or something, perhaps even the setting for a Vortex Point 0 that tells how Kevin and the others met.

    • That’s an interesting suggestion John, we have several ideas for that location, still haven’t decided 🙂

  • Fathima Rifa

    Cant wait for vp 8
    i am sure that it will be a success.

    • Neither can we Fathima, and I hope that you’re right 🙂

  • RockyRockz


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