Getting back on track

Hi everybody!
Thank you all for your concern regarding Moti’s arm. Things are getting better now, and slowly we will start to get back on track. We have made good progress with the tea party game so we believe it will be released next week.
In the meantime, we started working on a new feature we’re considering to add to our future games.
This feature will allow you to walk with the character just like in classic point and click games.
You can check it out here down below (It’s still a work in progress):

[swf src=”” width=664 height=498 align=”center”]

On different note, we wanted to inform you of the redesign of, now with no more pop-ups and ads overload, we hope it will solve the issues some of you had when playing games on it.

One last thing, go check out Katlyn Conrad’s YouTube channel, she’s doing some very funny and entertaining videos of her playing games, with many of our games among them of course, so those of you who like “Let’s play” videos will probably find her channel interesting, don’t forget to subscribe!

That is all for now, we’re sorry that we don’t have too many sketches or sneak previews to share for our upcoming games, but here’s one for now, more will have to wait for next week.


See you next Monday 🙂

  • Worldwonder3

    OH I AM FIRST COMMENT!!!!! I’m glad that Moti’s arm is getting better and can’t wait for the new game!

  • that’s good God had grant our wishes for moti <3.Best of luck and Keep it up carmelo for your games,u guys r doing a really hardwork so again Best of luck to u guys and a

    • Moti

      Thank you very much Isabell 🙂

      • No need to mention sir !! ; )

  • Maxine

    3rd comment, get well soon Moti! I’m excited for the upcoming game and the new updates for each game.

  • Kunal

    Carmello is the best ,3 cheers for Carmello best gamesite ever for me

  • Kunal

    Is Moti now fine

    • Moti is still not fine yet but is better, still healing…

    • Moti

      Hi Kunal, I’m feeling much better now, thank you.

      • Kunal

        Ok take care

  • Verona

    Is Moti fine now ? BTW, so excited for the tea party game and thank you because there are no more ads and pop-ups in

    • Moti is still not fine yet but is better, still healing…

    • Moti

      Hi Verona, I’m fine now, thank you 🙂

      • Verona

        It’s good to know.

  • TJ

    I’m so glad Moti is recovering!! And let me just say, I love the movement in the preview clip above… again, looking forward to all of the new and upcoming additions. Just remember to get a little r&r guys… gotta stay healthy and happy. Cheers! xx

    • Thank you Tammy, we’re keeping on positive thinking all the time 🙂

  • AI

    good nice

  • Irenne

    That walking feature is great! (Little idea: you can hide objects behind the main character, people will have to walk to find them!) Hope Moti gets well soon 🙂

    • Nice idea, thanks!

    • Moti

      I’m feeling much better, can’t wait to make new games 🙂

  • Vishu2004

    is moti fine?

    • Moti

      I’m fine 🙂

  • Rebecca

    hope moti gets well soon! And thank you for all the wonderful games you guys produce!

    • Moti

      I’m feeling much better, thank you for your concern 🙂

  • gamer3756

    It’s good to hear Moti is recovering! =) The new walking feature is also awesome!

  • Yash

    What about the “Skip in India” game Carmelo ? Please write about its progress in the next weekly update!

    • We plan to release Skip:India during July or August, so we don’t have any updates for it right now.

  • Yash

    I want you guys to start uploading games back on Mouse city because that site is my favourite and I don’t like Snap break much.You know it’s not that cool.

    • suhani (I AM BACK!)

      I agree yash. Snap break takes time to download the game but mouse city doesn’t.FEELING HAPPY AFTER LISTENING MOTI’S RECOVERY.

      • Moti

        Hey Suhani, good to have you back!

    • Hey Yash, we will continue to upload our games to MouseCity.
      We hope that you’ll find the new SnapBreak better.

  • nice that Moti is getting heal

    • Moti

      I’m fine now, thank you for your concern 🙂

      • happy to know that and thx for your reply with a good news

  • pritha

    glad 2 hear abt Moti’s recovery 🙂

  • petroa

    It may just be my personal taste, but the walking feature doesn’t add that much value to me. I don’t dislike the feature, but if it’s going to add significant time to developing the games, I’d prefer it be left out.

  • Rebecca

    oh yeah and when i was trying out that new walking feature (its Awesome!) when you talked to the girl at the counter of joes burgers it reapeats the conversation. (just thought you might like to know!)

    Anyways thanks for all you have done guys!

    • Thank you for your comment Rebecca.
      We are aware to the repetitive conversation, that’s cool 🙂

  • omerl1

    CarmelGames team,
    Can you try to put your games in this site?
    It will be a lot easier and you will publish your site with all of your older games.

    • We can’t do that, sorry.

  • Kathryn

    Is there going to be a May calendar? Set or suggested?

    • No, not this month (but I can tell you that we are falling behind our schedule…)

  • Vishu2004

    can anyone reply to me

    • Aarsh Khare


      whats up

  • Vishu2004


  • Carmelo,I think we have done our best!!!
    now you look after “MOTI”.

  • What’s the progress of skip to “INDIA”.
    We want it,

    • We plan to release Skip:India during July or August.

      • pritha


      • hey can you release Skip:India in this month,as this month is “August”.
        You have also promised that you will release in Skip:India during July or August.

        • Hi Aryan,

          First of all I want to make it clear that we did NOT promise anything, we said we plan to, which is not the same. When promise we say we promise and we keep our promises.
          Now, regarding Skip:India, unfortunately it has been delayed due to other projects which we really wanted to be done with as soon as possible.
          On the bright side, the work on Skip:India has already started, there’s a plot and the backgrounds are being drawn, we will probably show some of them in the next blog post.

  • Hey Carmelo,why don’t you give your games to “Mousecity”.
    It’s wonderful site

    • Kathryn

      A lot of their games are already on Mousecity.

    • really mousecity is a nice site

    • Hi Aryan, we work with several websites and eventually you can find almost all of our games on MouseCity.

  • john

    Caramel games how long until the next game i would like the name and description

    • Hi John, our new game will be released in two-three days.

  • felicia christian

    can’t wait

  • Aarsh Khare

    Great to see that Moti’s up and running

    • Moti

      It is great 🙂

  • Red Spark

    I can’t wait for the new game! I like the features too.

    • Hi Red Spark, Our new game will be released in two-three days.

  • Jardine

    Honestly Im not a huge fan of the walking. If it doesn’t add immensely to the game (which I am assuming it doesn’t) and it will take longer to develop, then I feel although you should keep it the same. It also made it annoying in the way that you had to wait for the character to walk before changing rooms or speaking to someone. In saying that though it was very well done! 🙂

    • Thank you for your feedback Jardine, you do have a point there.
      We’re still testing the system so we might change a few things to make it more efficient.

  • shaheerabbass

    cant wait for next monday.

  • clobug2232

    I love your games i have played every single one of them and i would appreciate it if you got the new game out on the 27th because that is my birthday

    • pranamika


    • Our new game will be released in two-three days, we’re wishing you a happy birthday!

  • pranamika

    happy to hear that Moti is getting well. 😀

    • Moti

      Thanks 🙂

  • Emaan

    its all ready next week

  • Emaan

    when will you publish the game

    • Our new game will be released in two-three days.

  • Emaan

    oh….and by the way I love that feature which will help to make that character move anywhere you click……I started playing with that feature above…and I couldn’t stop playing……And luckily I might start playing on the upcoming game…….

  • pritha

    FINALLY!! I AM SO GLAD Moti !!

  • Emaan

    Can skip go to Pakistan next time?

    • Do you mean after India?

      Pakistan is a strong options, bu as of now we can’t promise anything.

  • Moon Ree Jalakas

    skip has to come in Estonia.its very nice city.

    • Moon Ree Jalakas

      Carmelo blease .Skip has to come in Estonia.

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