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Hi everybody!
The viral version of Faraday’s Flaw was released, and we’ll appreciate your 5 star rating for the game on Kongregate. it will help us both morally and financially:
Also, the game is now available in 12 languages: French, Serbian, Chinese, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, Turkish, Romanian, Swedish, Czech, Greek and English.

The tagline contest is about to end, so if you have a clever tagline please send it to us and maybe you’ll win a nice prize 🙂
Just please don’t send “Shop ’till you drop (dead)”, it. This one has been submitted like a 100 times 😀

Murder Mall is coming soon (for mobile only at first), and we’re trying to come up with ideas for you to not get bored till then. Another contest? A short game? We don’t know, yet. You’re welcome to throw your ideas at us.

That’s all for today, thank you very much and have a great day!

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