Greetings from Potato Island

While his house is still being renovated, Anthony spends a week at Potato Island, a place he heard a lot about from his grandpa. But are grandpa’s tales real, or fantasy?

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  • adi

    great game!! thanks. waiting for VP8 🙂

    • Thank you adi!
      VP8 is under heavy construction 😛

  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough
  • Daniel

    I did not understand the puzzle to open the chest in which you find the quarter

    • Jason Sy

      Upper number is number of squares, bottom is number of edges of squares going around the entire figure

      • As Jason said, top number is the number of squares comprising the shape, bottom number is the circumference of the shape.

  • Umta-ta

    i did not understand the puzzle to open the closet in which the ring is, had to check the walkthrough for that one.

    • Nat

      I figured out the number and then just tried the few colour combinations until it worked. I believe the rule with the number is that it has to be within one (plus, minus or the same) as the digits to the top, bottom left or right (there is only one digit that conforms to this rule for the spot). I don’t know the rule for the colours, but I think it may need to be a different colour to the tiles above, below, left and right.

      • PsilocinTHC

        It’s much simpler than that.
        All the colours are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Yellow is the only one with a gap in the numbering.
        For the record though, I thought it was something like what you were saying at first too. 😛

        • PsilocinTHC nailed it 😛

  • John Jones

    I think Shawnacy got off light, all things considered. Once Anthony talked about sacrifices I figured Shawnacy would end up fodder for He Who Walks Behind the French Fries.

    • The giant potato is a merciful being 😛

  • TJ

    Loved it!!! It was more challenging than the last one, and it had just the right amount of silly!

    • Glad you’ve enjoyed! 😀

  • RockyRockz

    Carmel games you are best i love your games

  • Pragya iisuperwomanii

    nice game.

  • John Jones

    No pressure, but any chance of this getting to Newgrounds before February ends?

  • syed

    i love carmel games and mousecity is the best of all.i always check new games every day

  • Jardine

    Love this game! Creative, quirky and really fun!!

  • angelakim

    Very very very great game! You very did a good job! Every of your game is perfect! Specially CrazyDad’s!

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